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21 Book Ornaments That Bookworms Will LOVE (2021)

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21 Best Zombie Anime: The Ultimate List (2021)

Zombies x anime = plenty of ridiculousness.
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Top 22 Best Upcoming MMORPGs of 2021 & Beyond (Updated!)

*Update New World has been delayed until September. Cool.
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All Upcoming Zombie Movies of 2021 & Beyond (Updated!)

*Update: Wesley Snipes has a new zombie film in the works!
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50 Best Upcoming Games of 2021: The Ultimate List

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21 Best ‘Community’ Episodes (While We Wait for the Movie)

What are your favorite episodes of Community?
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7 Reasons to Watch Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix

I started Seven Deadly Sins with low expectations and high hopes. There were nearly five stars on the screen in front of me for encouragement...
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20 Best Comic Book Stories That Would Make Great Movies (2021)

From Carnage's origins to Batman: Hush to X-Men Schism, here are 20 awesome comic book stories we want to see on the big screen.
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26 Best Revenge Movies of All-Time: The Ultimate List (2021)

With so many great revenge movies out there, Nerd Much? takes a look at the 26 best of all-time, including Darkman, The Crow, John Wick, and more.
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10 Best Co-op Board Games: The Ultimate List (2021)

Whether you want to fend off colonists, receive visions from a spooky ghost, or pull off a heist in a 3D environment, there's a co-op game for you and your group.

MTG Arena vs. MTGO: The Pros & Cons of Each (2021)

Which Magic the Gathering digital card game is right for you?
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9 Super Easy Board Games For Your Next Game Night (2021)

Jumpstart your game night with these great board games that can be learned in ten minutes or less.