16-Bit Nintendo Coasters Set

Halloween isn’t even over yet and we’ve got a few things you might want to add to your Christmas wishlist. Nintendo has announced several new items exclusive to Merchoid. These include a set of four 16-Bit Nintendo Coasters, each after SNES classic game favorites.16 Bit Nintendo Coasters Set

The first is Super Mario World, with the iconic Mario and Yoshi. Mario sports his yellow cape and Yoshi looks on with clear amusement. The next is the Super Metroid game cover, featuring Samus shooting down a large red dragon.

The third is Super Mario Kart, with all our favorite characters riding those famous little go-carts, including Bowser, Donkey Kong, Luigi, and Princess Peach herself. The last and likely the favorite of many Nintendo fans, is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Nothing else, just the game logo with the iconic shield and sword.

All of which are sure to bring deep nostalgia to all gamers and marks no better way to protect your tables from water rings. This set is currently available for pre-order at $17.99 USD, though there are only 5 left. Pick up yours soon and they should ship come November 2017. If they turn out to be not quite what you had in mind, Merchoid has a great return policy of 100 days to return them.

Other Nintendo products include heat sensitive Super Mario World and Super Metroid mugs. Their images change as heat is added, turning from plain black to the full game box art. There are also Light game boxes of the latter two games that you can hang up on your wall. They give off a gentle glow that seems steeped in nostalgia for some reason.

Last of all are a mirror in the shape of the SNES controller and a notebook. The mirror has an overlay of the controllers buttons and outline of its main features. The notebooks have a picture of the SNES on the front, and collage of all the games on the SNES system.

Price: $17.99

Buy it here.


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