Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Show Set in the Second Age

For a while now, we’ve been under the assumption that Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show would be a prequel following along with the adventures of a young Aragorn. And for a while now, we’ve been wrong.

Amazon has confirmed that their Lord of the Rings show will be set long before the days of Aragorn. On Twitter, the studio confirmed that their series would instead be set in the fantasy world’s Second Age.

The Second Age is a time in Tolkien’s tale that was mostly overlooked by the author. But there’s plenty of material there to mine for story and flesh out, and plenty of intriguing characters to develop.

There are several notable events within the Second Age that Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show could expound upon. The Rings of Power were forged during the Second Age, as well as the original trilogy’s infamous One Ring that rules that them all.

Sauron also saw his defeat during the time frame of the Second Age. This occurred during the War of the Last Alliance, which Amazon could potentially include as a massive set piece within its Lord of the Rings show given the series’ massive budget.

Amazon has also teased that we may get to see the doom of the island of Númenor. The locale was once recognized as the single greatest civilization ever created by man, but when Tolkien touched upon it in his novels which were set within the Third Age, the island was nothing but ruin.

There was a civil war of sorts that occurred on Númenor. Many of its denizens stopped worshiping the god Eru Ilúvatar, resulting in a rebellion against the Valar. Once the dust settled, Númenor was no more.

Other than these few morels that Amazon is doling out, we don’t really know much more about their upcoming Lord of the Rings show. But with how heavily they’re investing in the property, fans should expect something special coming down the line.