Amy Hennig Gives Details on Her Canceled Star Wars Game

During this month’s episode of Ryan McCaffrey’s IGN Unfiltered, McCaffrey sat down with renowned video game writer, Amy Hennig. The duo touched upon numerous things, with one of them being Hennig’s canceled Star Wars game, codenamed Ragtag.

Hennig, perhaps most famous for her writing in Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series, compared Nathan Drake’s adventures (just as many fans do) to Indiana Jones. She then indicated why her take on Star Wars needed to be dramatically different from that.

She said, “You look at Indiana Jones, he’s the protagonist. The other characters are side characters. They’re important, but they’re not co-protagonists. In Star Wars, those are ensemble stories, all of them. If you didn’t do that in a Star Wars game that was meant to feel like a Star Wars movie, something would feel off and you wouldn’t know what it was.”

Here, Hennig is likely inferring that Ragtag would have featured a group of characters, likely all playable at one point or another. The story would have revolved around their group dynamic, rather than putting the spotlight on a  single heroic character.

The Ragtag project was shut down in October 2017 after EA decided to shutter the studio crafting it, Visceral Games. Some of the project’s assets were then moved over to another open-world project that EA was developing within the franchise. However, in January, that Star Wars game was scrapped too.

To her credit, Hennig has stated that she doesn’t blame EA for their decision to cancel the Ragtag project. During the Gamelab conference in Barcelona last year, the writer stated “I don’t fault EA for that decision, as hard as it was personally for me.” She continued, touching upon single-player games in general, saying “I think it’s about… price points that allow us to do more than just PUBGs and Fortnites and Destiny clones.” The writer has since gone on to open up her own game studio. We’re still waiting to hear what the team is working on.

We may have lost out on Hennig’s Star Wars game, but there’s still plenty more coming to us from the galaxy far, far away. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens up as its own theme park within Disney this May. There are shows coming to Disney+, including The Mandalorian and others yet to be confirmed. And we have Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order still slated to arrive later this year.