Are Switch Games Too Expensive?

You may have noticed lately, with Minecraft: Story Mode and Rime at a solid $10 more for their Nintendo Switch versions.

The reasoning, thus far, as come from Rime developers who have stated via Twitter that “the MSRP of the Switch version is based on development and go-to-market costs, which can vary for each platform.”

As you can tell, it’s been nothing but vague references to development costs. This has some gamers in uproar, demanding that the prices be lowered or at least a decent explanation given.

Thus far, their efforts have been in vein. As far as various journalists can tell, especially Eurogamer, the Switch version of games are likely more expensive due to the variety of sizes that the cartridges can come in:

“We’ve also heard that the cost of the cart depends on the size of the cart. Switch game card carts come in a variety of capacities: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. At a high level, the bigger the cart the more expensive it is, although the price may vary according to print run (lower the volume, higher the price, for example – an issue that may affect indie developers who don’t expect to shift a huge number of copies of their game).”

If this is correct, than it’s very likely game pricing could be the Switch’s Achilles Heel. Most gamers have at least one console other than Nintendo, no matter how hardcore a fan of Nintendo they are.

As such, if the price for the same game is more on the Switch than it is on the other console they have, the decision away from the Switch might be an easy one. Especially for those of us who can’t afford the extra $10, even if that’s a small price difference for people with more expendable income.

On Nintendo’s side, the company has given an even more vague explanation, that it’s up to the publishers how much the game costs. An answer that seems to aggravate the situation more than it helps.

Some have even speculated that the higher prices are marketing ploy to get more people to buy digital games rather than physical ones. Not that that makes much sense, but sure. Nintendo has done stranger things before.

Do you think the price difference is outrageous? What do you think the reasoning is behind it? Let us know in the comments below.