Ashes of Creation Trailer: UnderRealm Preview


Just when you thought the environmental design of games could not get more beautiful, Intrepid Studios shows us another clip of Ashes of Creation. In this gameplay video, we get to see the UnderRealm, a luminous place in the world of Verra. The game is still in its pre-alpha period, with the official alpha test coming soon, and it still manages to look great.

The UnderRealm consists of three main things: mushrooms, flowers, and crystals. The mushrooms come in a range of heights, from small ones that look like they might be miniature enemies, to large ones that do not seem to move. The mushrooms are mostly reddish-brown, with a yellow light illuminating their gills and spots on the stem.

The flowers are based on large easter lilies, though they seem to grow on tree-like structures more than long stems. They are all a bright purple, their veins glowing in the dark of the UnderRealm like the magical flowers they surely are. The crystals are a bright green, growing in sharp spikes from just about every angle. There are small field flowers that seem to match them, but otherwise seem fairly innocuous.

In addition to UnderRealm’s environment, we get to see a large creature that resides there. It has a long lizard-like tail, with glowing blue spikes on its back. However, it is also covered in fur, with the long pointed ears and face of a cat. It does not make a sound yet, but it does roar in the video, looking quite fearsome as it does.

If you do not already know, Ashes of Creation is an upcoming open world MMORPG. It started out as Kickstarter, reaching the studio’s goal in a matter of hours – a record for Kickstarter. As a result, Intrepid Studios is keen on being as open as possible about the development and progress of the game as time goes on.

Ashes of Creation will not only have several beautiful realms to visit, but it aims to have everything an MMO should: economy, combat, and main story quest depending on which region the player decides to start in.

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