23 Best Back To School Clothes For Your Little Nerd (2021)

I know in some parts of the country, kids are already back in school; here in the Northeast, however, they don’t go back until after Labor Day, so there’s still plenty of time to finish up your school shopping. Even if the school year has already started, there’s no reason you can’t add a few of these adorable items to your child’s closet (I generally prefer to stagger the clothes shopping anyway so I’m not dropping a huge sum all at once). I’d be lying if I said that compiling this list didn’t make me a little jealous that these don’t come in adult sizes.

To make this time of year as easy as possible on you, we have curated a list of the most adorable clothing items from all your kids’ favorite fandoms, from video games to superheroes to science fiction. Many of them are available with 1-to-2-day shipping from Amazon Prime or Target, so you can have them on your doorstep in a couple of days without ever setting foot in a store and dealing with the back-to-school mob. Grab a glass of wine or a beer, put your feet up, and finish your school shopping right here with us.

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 Super Mario Characters T-Shirt

This officially licensed shirt features nine iconic Nintendo characters screen printed on the front in bright, bold colors. If your child has ever played Mario Kart, they’re sure to love this tee. It comes in little and big boy sizes, as well as four different colors, including the blue pictured here. According to many of the reviewers, it’s good quality, washes well, and runs true to size. I’m just a little sad it doesn’t include the famous Luigi death stare.

Marvel Avengers Boys 4 Pack T-Shirts

This four-pack of t-shirts features the easily recognizable torsos of four popular Marvel superheroes (Black Panther, Captain America, The Hulk, and Iron Man), muscles and all. Imagine the confidence boost your child will get from walking the halls of their school looking like their favorite superhero! They’re pretty economically priced, too, when you consider that the total price divided by four comes to about $7.50 per shirt – not bad for officially licensed Marvel merchandise.

I Paused My Game To Be Here T-Shirt

Your child can let everyone know how they really feel about school with this shirt that proclaims, “I paused my game to be here, but I’m still thinking about it.” If I’m being honest, I wish I had one to wear to work (and I work from home). The graphic includes silhouettes of an Xbox One controller, a PS4 controller, and PC keys, so whatever kind of gaming your child prefers is likely to be represented. It comes in two different colors and if you’re into matching with your kids – or just want one for yourself – there’s also an adult version.

Star Wars Dress with Belt

This adorable skater dress has an all-over Star Wars comic panel print with silver glitter, a pink pleather belt, drop shoulders, and a keyhole design in the back. To be honest, I’m a little jealous it doesn’t come in adult sizes because I would totally rock this. According to the reviews, it is high-quality and runs true to size, but it is Prime Wardrobe eligible so you can try before you buy. It would be perfect to dress your little in for the first day of school or the premier of the next Star Wars film.

Marvel Characters Dress

How adorable is the cartoonish, starry Avengers print on this officially-licensed Marvel skater dress? I’m absolutely in love with the bright colors against the heathered charcoal background, and the elbow-length sleeves are perfect for fall. When it gets colder, you could easily pair it with solid-colored leggings and boots for warmth without sacrificing style. It comes in Little Girl and Big Girl sizes because fans of all ages will want to show off their favorite superheroes with this fun dress. Best of all, it’s super soft, so it will keep your little one comfortable all day long.

DC Comics Girls T-Shirt Wonder Woman Logo & Stars Print

I don’t know about your children, but my daughter is Wonder Woman-obsessed – she went as the iconic DC superhero last Halloween. Naturally, Wonder Woman merchandise abounds since the release of the 2017 movie, but this is possibly the cutest t-shirt that I’ve seen. I just love the classic logo against the deep, rich red fabric with the hand-drawn looking stars. I know my child would be thrilled to get this for her back-to-school wardrobe and so would yours! It comes in sizes S-XL and is made from a lightweight fabric with a crew neck and rounded hem. Lasso of Truth not included.

Girls’ Space Print Tulle Dress

girls space print dress target

I’m a big fan of the Cat & Jack line from Target; I find their clothes to be incredibly comfortable, stylish, and durable (not to mention affordable). I also love that this and other brands are beginning to offer prints for girls besides princesses and rainbows. Not that there’s anything wrong with those things – my daughter loves them – but girls can love science, too! Encourage that love with this fun space print dress, complete with a contrasting striped top, glittery elastic waistband, and a layer of tulle for extra twirliness. Pair with high top sneakers or ballet flats for an adorable look!

Buy it here

Girls’ Wonder Woman Circle Shield Long Sleeve T-Shirt

girls wonder woman shirt
Okay, give us all the Wonder Woman shirts. This love-sleeved raglan shirt is every bit as adorable as the t-shirt featured above, but it will keep your child warmer through the winter months. It has the iconic “W” logo on the front in red and gold metallic foil, and the red stars splashed on the left sleeve add the perfect level of detail. This would look absolutely precious (and by that I mean fierce) with jeans and a pair of canvas sneakers. Best of all, it’s quite reasonably priced for DC merchandise.

Buy it here

Girls’ Harry Potter Hogwarts Flip Sequin Hoodie

hogwarts sweatshirt

Add flip sequins to the list of things my child is obsessed with. I can’t deny that they’re incredibly relaxing, though – and perfect for a child with a tendency to fidget. Pair that with Harry Potter, and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect back-to-school sweatshirt. She’ll be ready to board the Hogwarts Express in this deep maroon hoodie with a silver-and-gold flip sequin Hogwarts H that transforms almost as if by magic. It also has “Hogwarts” printed across the top in white, so there’s no doubt about where her heart truly is.

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Girls’ NASA Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirt

nasa shirt for girls

Girls can be astronauts, too! She’ll look so cool in this beige collared button-up shirt with NASA patches on the sleeve. It’s made from a soft breathable fabric to keep her comfy all day long, from the classroom to the playground, while displaying her passion for space. One of its biggest selling points is the functional pockets on the front – since we all know how rare those are in girls’ clothing – which button to ensure she doesn’t lose her most important treasures. The neutral color will also pair well with a variety of bottoms.

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Girls’ Spider-Man Long Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt

spiderman shirt

In case you couldn’t tell, I just adore the cute tomboyish look of a raglan-sleeved tee on a girl, and this Spiderman one is no exception. It features Spidey in one of his iconic poses and softer versions of his signature colors, with bright pastel stripes against a white body and contrasting coral sleeves. It’s the kind of shirt I wish I would have had when I was a kid, back when superhero apparel was just for boys. It’s fortunate, then, that my daughter loves superheroes as well, so I get to live vicariously through her.

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Girls’ Star Wars Don’t Call Me Princess Short Sleeve T-Shirt

don't call me princess

Is your daughter not a Princess kinda girl and wants to make sure everyone knows it? Get her this awesome Princess Leia shirt! This black short-sleeved tee has a retro-style print on the front featuring Leia’s iconic bun hairstyle and a quote from the original 1977 film: “Don’t call me princess.” It’s great for the still-warm temps when the school year first starts back up and will also layer well under hoodies during the winter months. I’ll take a matching one for me, please.

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Girls’ Captain Marvel Goose on the Loose Short Sleeve T-Shirt

goose t-shirt

I took my children to see Captain Marvel and their favorite part was easily Goose the “cat” (and Just A Girl by No Doubt). This t-shirt is a pretty aqua color featuring a retro-style graphic with Goose front and center, his name emblazoned at the top in coral/pink letters, and Danver’s logo in the background. It would pair well with a variety of bottoms and it’s 100% cotton to keep your child cool and comfortable all day, so it’s perfect for gym days. In the winter, it will look great layered underneath a zip-up hoodie or denim jacket.

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Girls’ Long Sleeve Dinosaur Print Hoodie

dinosaur hoodie

Seriously, could this hoodie be any cooler? I just love every detail of it: the black-and-white cityscape, the pastel-colored dinosaurs, the contrasting aqua zipper, and – last but not least – the SPIKED HOOD. Your girl could easily layer it over any of the t-shirts listed above for an awesome and comfy-cozy look. Again, I want to reiterate how thrilled I am to see things like dinosaurs in the girls’ section because my daughter loves dinosaurs but also feminine clothing styles – and she deserves to have both!

Buy it here

Boys’ Fortnite Loot Llama Neon Short Sleeve T-Shirt

jackpot loot llama shirt

Even as a gamer myself, I never really jumped on the Fortnite train, but the same can definitely not be said of my preteen son and his friends. They rush home every day after school to play Fortnite together and show no sign of stopping anytime soon. It took a little while for the merchandise to catch up to the crazy, but now it’s easy to find Fortnite apparel everywhere, and my personal favorite is this neon Loot Llama t-shirt. You don’t need to know what the Loot Llama is – just trust me when I say your kid will love it. It’s good for warmer weather and layering under sweatshirts when it’s cold.

Buy it here

Boys’ NASA Flight Jacket with Pockets

nasa jacket for boys

If your child prefers to stand out, they can do so in style with this bright orange NASA Flight Jacket. It’s designed to mimic and actual astronaut’s flight jacket, so if your spawn is as space-obsessed as mine is, this is sure to become their new favorite wardrobe item. It features snaps up the front for easy buttoning, pockets, a NASA logo on the lapel, an American flag on the left sleeve, and space shuttle-themed patches on the other. The contrasting black elastic on the hem and sleeves adds a nice touch and makes for a comfortable fit.

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Boys’ Super Mario Game Over Short Sleeve T-Shirt

mario game over shirt

If you had an NES back in the day, I’m sure you’re more than familiar with this screen. If your kids are lucky, either through the Virtual Console or you saving your old game systems, they’ll recognize it as well. I know I’ve personally encountered it hundreds, if not thousands of times. This retro-style Super Mario tee features everyone’s favorite plumber frozen in the middle of his dying animation, and “Game Over” across the top in pixellated-style letters. Pair it with jeans and Chucks for a classic look.

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Boys’ Minecraft Periodic Table Short Sleeve T-Shirt

minecraft shirt

This one is video game AND (loosely) science-themed; what more could you ask for in school clothing? The Minecraft periodic table showcases various characters and building blocks from the mega-popular sandbox game. It’s set against a heathered green background with “Minecraft Overworld Periodic Table” across the top. Minecraft players and aspiring chemists alike will love wearing this to school or their friends’ houses for gaming. It’s made from a soft and breathable cotton blend for gaming and learning in the utmost comfort.

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Boys’ All My Friends Are Pokémon Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt

all my friends are pokemon

I’m so glad that the Pokémon franchise has endured as long as it has because it’s something I have loved since childhood and can now share with my children. They love the anime, video games, manga, cards, plushies, toys, and of course, Pokémon GO. If that sounds like your children, let them show their fandom to the world this tee, which features the three original starter Pokémon and Pikachu, the unofficial mascot of the series. It comes in an attractive shade of blue with “All My Friends Are Pokémon” in white letters across the top.

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Marvel Spider-Man Spider-Gwen Youth T-Shirt

spider-gwen t-shirt

After my family first watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, I scrambled to find some Spider-Gwen merchandise for my daughter and came up disappointingly short. If you went through the same struggle, fear not – BoxLunch has your back. Miles Morales’s Spider-Man is cool and all, but it’s nice to see some representation in terms of female superheroes, and Spider-Gwen is undeniably awesome. This shirt comes in a gorgeous shade of teal with pink ombre lettering and a graphic of Spider-Gwen pulling her hood up with skyscrapers in the background.

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Marvel Avengers Thanos Come at Me Bro Youth T-Shirt

come at me bro thanos

This BoxLunch exclusive tee features a comic-style grinning Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet and a dialogue box that says, “Come at me, BRO!” Box Lunch has so many cool t-shirts that it’s hard to choose, but I think your little Avengers fan will absolutely love this one (I know I do). Hopefully, nobody takes the message literally; but if so, we can’t be held responsible for any playground fights between your child and any wannabe Avengers.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Youth T-Shirt

If your child is a Guardians of the Galaxy fan, then this adorable t-shirt from FYE featuring Baby Groot is a must-have. I absolutely love the look of the heathered charcoal body and maroon raglan sleeves with sewn light gray stripes down the arm (and matching collar). The front is dominated by a print of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 framed by a Guardians of the Galaxy symbol and “I Am Groot” across the top in black and white letters.

Buy it hereNintendo Triumphant Triforce Graphic Tee

The Legend of Zelda is easily my favorite game series, and that’s a love I’m glad I can now share with my children. My daughter loves Breath of the Wild so much that she named our dog Zelda, and she would be thrilled to get this pretty purple shirt with the iconic Triforce on the front. I love the combination of the heathered grape color and the pale yellow of the graphic, and I’m sure your child will too!

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