Battlerite Royale to be a Standalone Game

Stunlock Studios has announced that big changes are afoot for Battlerite. In May, Stunlock announced that the free to play MOBA would be incorporating a battle royale mode later this year. But today they’ve confirmed that Battlerite Royale is going to be a game all to itself.

It’s unclear whether Battlerite Royale is going to be free to play as its MOBA predecessor was. Stunlock stated in a recent blog post that the title “will be available to purchase in Early Access on Steam at the end of September – as a new standalone game.”

The reason for making Battlerite Royale standalone was spelled out in Stunlock’s announcement. They developers “saw more and more potential in it with every passing day.” However, they were also having problems “keeping Royale in the same frame as a ‘Team Arena Brawler.'”

Once Stunlock pulled the trigger to go all in and make Battlerite Royale an entity all to itself, they no longer had the constraints that the game’s Arena based heritage thrust upon them. That’s why Stunlock made the decision to “protect the integrity of both experiences and create a new game instead of a new game mode.”

Battlerite Royale

With Battlerite Royale separated from the original Battlerite, the developers could then begin making tweaks to better suit the battle royale experience. The team redesigned the champion’s ability kits, stats were rebalanced, new gameplay systems were implemented and unneeded ones were removed. Stunlock also developed new matchmaking and rankings systems and designed a fresh interface.

The new game will play essentially identically to Battlerite. However, as mentioned above, champions will play a bit differently. The developers have increased the champions’ power as “players need to be eliminated at a certain pace throughout the course of a match.” They’ve also rebalanced defensive stats such as healing, shields and crowd control. Stunlock will announce the specifics of said changes further down the line.

Stunlock also announced that all of the cosmetic items you’ve acquired within Battlerite will carry over to Battlerite Royale. And if you own the All Champions Pack, Battlerite Early Access, or the Ultimate Fan Pack, you’ll have even more content headed your way. We’ll be getting more specifics on Monday when Stunlock Studios details their roadmap for the development. And on that same date, August 13th, Battlerite Royale’s closed beta will begin.