Beer Chemistry Pint Glasses for the Beer Nerd

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Price: $25 (via Uncommon Goods)

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Do you consider yourself a beer connoisseur? Perhaps you know your IPAs from your Stouts and can tell the difference between a Coors Light and a Tecate. But, what about at the molecular level?

Become the brewmaster that you have always dreamed of being with this set of Beer Chemistry Pint Glasses from Uncommon Goods and learn the details of Grandpa’s favorite cough medicine. These etched glasses teach you about the naturally occurring molecules within beer that make you go from calm, cool, and collected, to drunkenly messaging your ex, begging for another chance at love. (Look, Karen, if you are reading this, I promise that I am better and please… please unblock me).

Featuring the names, formula, diagrams, and descriptions of the chemicals within beer, you never have to admit to a drinking problem; you can say that you spend all your time studying instead!

Some of the annotated chemicals are ethanol (A.K.A. alcohol, the good stuff), isohumulone (what provides the bitter flavor), carbon dioxide (Bubble City, Population: you), and ethyl acetate (something has got to provide that beautifully sweet aroma found in ales). There a lot more chemicals etched onto the high-quality glass but just listing them is making me feel a bit tipsy so it is better if I stop while I can still see straight.

So stop drinking out of boring old cans and paper bags, set aside a couple of bucks, and order these right now. You will not wake up in the morning full of regret, instead, you will have joy in your heart knowing that soon these gorgeous pieces will be in your kitchen.

These glasses are available here for the low price of $25.00. Dimensions are 3.5” diameter x 5.75” H. They can hold up to 16 oz, and be sure to hand wash.

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