Before Dawn: Post-Apocalyptic Short Film on Indiegogo

After the world lost to the infection, little hope lived on. It’s hard to believe that was a year ago. Feels like it was yesterday.

In the upcoming film, Before Dawn, an abandoned family struggles to survive the harsh winters of a post-apocalyptic world. The infection turned many of us into mindless animals. Those that did survive are barely picking up the pieces. Around every dark corner and quiet bush danger awaits.

Indignus Film is excited to announce the upcoming short-film, Before Dawn. Right now they are in the pre-production stage gathering funds and resources to film this exciting project. The team behind the production is a talented group of film nerds and passionate filmmakers (including myself, Alex Hartwig, the Producer).

before dawn indiegogo

This portrayal of a post-apocalyptic world is filled with realism and emotions. The world is much darker in Before Dawn. The strong survive, but even the strong have to fight.

We just started our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to enhance the production value of Before Dawn. We want to do things like hire post-production talent for a film score, editor, color grader, and more that would enhance the cinematic quality. What’s more, we want to submit the film to local and national film festivals.

Letter From the Editor:

Hey Guys,

For those who are unaware, Alex Hartwig is a former writer here at and we’re proud to see him doing cool things (like producing Before Dawn). And since we absolutely love post-apocalyptic films here at Nerd Much?, we figured you guys might be interested in his newest project. If you are, check out the Before Dawn Indiegogo campaign and give a dollar or two — we’d appreciate it!


Bobby Bernstein

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