Bionic Bird Deluxe: Smartphone Controlled Robotic Bird

Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy all the best that the season and nerd tech have to offer. If you’ve been following Nerd Much? for awhile, you might’ve gathered that we’re quite find of RC things — drones, cars, boats, etc. But we’ve found a unique twist on that sort of tech that we couldn’t help but share; we have found the best robotic flying bird out there, called the Bionic Bird Deluxe, and it is available now on Amazon.

Powered by a smartphone, tablet or joystick, this robotic bird is sure to have a control system that you can get behind. Learn your own new tricks and impress your friends. With such a sleek appearance, this awesome flying Bionic Bird is sure to impress.

Weighing less than 10 grams and flying up to 100 meters, this amazing little drone actually mimics the flight mechanics of a bird with incredible accuracy. Get ready to be fighting off your neighborhood cat when you fly it.

Considered by industry experts to be the “First Biomimetic drone for the public at large” you definitely don’t want to miss out. This Bionic Bird is packed to its non-existent feathers with awesome micro technologies that help it stand out leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Spend a lazy Saturday on the couch and learn all the cool stunts and tricks that this bad ass Bionic Bird is capable of. Simply adjust the speed setting on the tail to move inside or out. Maximum speeds can reach up to ~12.5 mph.

This super futuristic looking bird gives you the unique ability to fly your Bionic Bird among real birds in the sky! Be careful though, this robotic bird is so accurate in its movements, it can attract natural predators just the same as real birds. While the super durable construction means a hawk isn’t likely to destroy it, it may still want to take a look, so fly with caution.

With a portable charging egg to keep you flying on the go and a 12 minute charge time, you can look forward to hours of endless flying. Each 8 minute charge lasts for about 12 separate 8-minute flights. You can test your wings outside or spend your time making sure your lazy cat gets its exercise by chasing the Bionic Bird Deluxe.

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