Life is Feudal MMO Closed Beta Coming December 14th


The sandbox MMORPG Life is Feudal, by developer Bitbox will be entering closed beta on December 14th and they will be randomly selecting 1,000 registrants to

The game takes place in medieval times, with features such as terraforming, a detailed crafting system, building construction, survival aspects and physics-based combat. Each world in the game should be able to support 10,000 players compared to the only 64 that Life is Feudal: Your Own allowed for. And this world is seven times bigger than their last. There are now also dedicated North America, Europe, CIS, Asia and Latin America servers. And, the game will also have minigames like many MMOs, as well as global politics and trading.

The closed beta will allow access to the world in its entirety. Anyone who purchases a contribution pack will also have access. They currently have $60, $90, and $150 contribution packages, which they refer to as bronze, silver, and gold. But, they are currently on sale until January 15th at the prices of $40, $60, and $100. They include access to the closed beta, early access to the open beta, early character name reservation, at least a month of premium account status, a newbie toolkit, God’s Favor in-game currency, and a digital copy of their last MMO, Life is Feudal: Your Own for the two higher tiers. And gold supporters will also receive a unique colored believer robe. For those who already have Life is Feudal: Your Own, an additional $10 will be subtracted.

The CEO of BotBox, Vladimir Piskunov made this statement:

“Gamers are familiar with the stress of repeatedly failing to beat that difficult boss or progressing through a difficult level. But, gamers also know the excitement that makes one feel eager and energized at the same time, when they are so close to finishing their favorite game, these are the same feelings we are experiencing at our studio as Life is Feudal: MMO’s closed beta launch is upon us. Having invested six years in the development and all the mini bosses we faced in making Life is Feudal, we are just a few steps away from our full release.”

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