Bless Online Has Over 600 Tamable Monsters

Neowiz Games dropped a new trailer today alongside some information regarding the monsters you’ll find in Bless Online. And one things is certainly for sure – there’s a ton of them.

Neowiz states that “almost all” of the monsters you’ll find in Bless Online can be tamed and converted to either a mount or a pet. And with 660 unique creatures that this applies to, that’s a lot of taming. There’s a pretty extensive selection showed off in the trailer above. Some are more grounded like lions and rhinoceroses, while other are more fantasy driven like giants and unicorns.

The monsters throughout the game can be found in region specific territories. As you progress and tame more creatures, your character’s taming level will increase a make the taming of elite monsters a bit easier over time.

The various creatures that you tame can be leveled up as well. Doing so will grant your character “beneficial effects”. There are many effects that the monsters in Bless Online can bestow. In an image the team posted, there appear to be buffs for crafting speeds, guild experience, personal experience, mounts, crafting experience, swimming, strength, speed, and various others that can’t be gleamed from a quick glance.

This is an exciting time for fans of Bless Online. The title is finally hitting Steam Early Access on May 30th – May 28th if you paid for the Founder’s Pack. And it sounds as though the team at Neowiz is tweaking things to ensure that the fan reaction to their launch goes as smoothly as possible.

It’s been a while since a big, new MMO has hit the market. We’ll have to wait and see whether the years of development will amount to success or not for Bless Online. But while you’re waiting for the game’s launch, why not checkout the game’s various character classes and choose what you’ll be suiting up as when the game drops next week.