Blizzard Announces Reaper Statue Just in Time for the Holidays


Blizzard‘s extremely detailed, polystone sculpture of one of the game’s most popular offensive Overwatch characters, the volatile mercenary known as Reaper, has finally hit their online store.screenshot8

The statue, which was announced at this year’s Blizzcon, stands a foot tall and was hand-scultped by Senior Staff Sculpter Brian Fay, and hand-painted by the staff at Blizzard Entertainment. Equipped with his Hellfire shotguns the black-robed terrorist stands ready to fire out a death blossom.

Blizzard is selling two waves of the $150 statue, the first of which will be shipped by the end of next year’s first quarter and the second will ship at the end of the third quarter. No promotions will work in conjunction with this product and there is a limit of two per customer. If that seems like a bit much to spend, Blizzard also sells Reaper t-shirts, Funko Pops!, and mugs. His symbol is also part of their $8 magnet set which would make a great stocking stuffer for Overwatch fans.

Their last statue of the iconic character, Tracer, was shown uncolored at Blizzcon 2014. It sold out quickly, and while they are planning to release another wave it is not currently available. Unlike the Reaper statue the base on the Tracer statue lit the figure. But many would have preferred a lit up chest piece. And some wished the energy beam was more translucent. The lights were quick to go out and the outlet plugs weren’t universal making them somewhat of a nuisance. The original batch also had some “messed up” faces that ended up being corrected for. And some reported light residue on the figures that could easily be cleaned off. Additionally, others reported some minor flaws in painting that can unfortunately occur even when painted by a skilled painter like Laurel Austin who certainly took her time on each.

While these are the cheapest of their sculptures to be released so far, but if they made each of them a full set of figures at the current price would add up to an overwhelming $3,450. Even for the most die-hard fans, this could be a bit much. Hopefully, they will make some discounted or bundled in the future.

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