The Wheel of Time Being Made Into a TV Series

The Wheel of Time will finally be getting the live-action adaptation it deserves. Now you can enjoy one of the greatest fantasy stories as a TV series.

Harriet McDougal made the announcement today saying the series should be coming soon. In a post on Google+, she wrote, “Wanted to share with you exciting news about The Wheel of Time. Legal issues have been resolved. The Wheel of Time will become a cutting edge TV series! I couldn’t be more pleased. Look for the official announcement coming soon from a major studio.”

If you’re wondering who McDougal is, she is more than just the editor of the fantasy novels. She is also the widow of the series’ author Robert Jordan. You can be sure that an announcement from her is a pretty definitive source.

This fantasy series is one of the most recognizable series in existence. It’s a grand epic that follows a large cast of characters as they search for the Dragon Reborn so they can win against the Dark One.

Previously, the series was adapted by Red Eagle Entertainment as a low budget pilot on FXX back in 2015. It seemed to be done just to hold onto the rights. Red Eagle sued McDougal for slander even after she claimed to have no knowledge of the project. It’s great to hear that these issues have been resolved.

We highly suggest you take the time to read through this fantastical series before the show comes out. You can find the first book, The Eye of the World here. At only $6, you’re not really risking much.

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