Books40 Gifts for Book Lovers (That Aren't Books)

40 Gifts for Book Lovers (That Aren’t Books)

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If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the bibliophile in your life, the obvious answer is, of course, more books; however, that can be tricky if you don’t know what they’ve read, what they already have, or what they may be interested in.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble gift cards are an option as well, but if you want to get them something with a more personal touch, look no further than our gift guide for book nerds.

This carefully curated, hand-picked list features a wide variety of gift ideas, all of which any bookworm should be overjoyed to receive. Even if you’re on a budget, we’ve included a number of more affordable items that are still sure to delight.

Whether you’re shopping for your significant other, a family member, a friend with their nose always buried in a book, or just someone from your book club, you’ll definitely find the perfect gift from our list of awesome literary-themed items and reading accessories.

Of course, if you do decide to go with books, you can’t go wrong with our list of the best sci-fi books of all-time. But for something other than actual books, here are the best bookish gifts for book lovers:

Book Darts

These teeny bookmarks are among the only line-keeping markers that don’t mangle your pages. [read more]Simply clip them onto your page to indicate exactly where you left off. The metal grips the pages and—surprisingly—doesn’t fall off. And in case it somehow does, there’s 125 of them. As long as you don’t misplace the whole tin, this should supply any avid reader with enough Book Darts to last them a lifetime, even if they leave their darts scattered throughout their favorite tomes or give several away to friends. The size of this tin makes it an excellent stocking-stuffer.[/read]

Knock Knock Personal Library Kit

There’s quite a lot in this little package. If you know someone who likes to lend their books out but also likes to get them back, this kit provides the perfect way to make it clear that books should be returned without having to pester them (hopefully). [read more]With 20 adhesive pockets and 20 library cards, you can keep tabs on where your favorite tomes have gone off to—and when they’re due back. The kit even comes with a date stamp and ink pad. Whether you’re giving this to a young reader who wants to play library or an older reader who’s serious about their lending policy, this is a fun and useful gift.[/read]

LEDITOP Wireless LED Folding Book Lamp

For a less conventional reading lamp, this folding LED book lamp opens up and provides soft light—and it just looks really cool.[read more] You can tuck the lamp on your shelf when it’s not in use, and since it’s wireless, it will be ready to be pulled off for next time. It charges via USB, so it can easily plug into your laptop or a wall charger, and it holds enough power for five to six hours of use. The softness of the light makes this lamp ideal for a nightstand, and it’s small enough that you can easily carry it with you.[/read]

100 Books Bucket List Poster

For the reader who loves a good reading challenge, this poster features 100 classic books, ranging from Ulysses to Matilda. [read more]Each book has a scratch-off box that reveals a minimalist image—far more satisfying than ticking off a box on a printed list. When the list is (eventually) finished, the result is a colorful collection of some of the most celebrated works of literature, which any book lover will be proud to hang on their wall. Of course, you could always just scratch the boxes off before you’ve read the books—no one has to know.[/read]

Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Throw Blanket

For the fan of Harry Potter who needs something to keep them warm, this throw blanket is perfect. [read more]The fabric is on the thinner side, but this blanket looks great on a bed, over a chair, or pinned up as a tapestry.[/read]

Triangular Wedge Cushion

Any reader knows how difficult it can be to find a good reading position in bed. [read more]This pillow helps with that, extending to the width of your bed (with different sizes available) to support your lower back while you read. The pillow is large and high enough that it can work on your bed even if you don’t have a headboard. With six available colors and an easily washable cover, this is the perfect pillow for bedtime reading.[/read]

All-New Kindle Paper White (2019)

Bookshelf Light Bars

If you know a reader who loves to decorate their shelves and show off their collection of books, this set of four LED light bars is an easy way to make any library look classy, no matter what books you’re illuminating. [read more]The light bars provide a pleasant soft light and consume an insignificant amount of energy, so they can be left on all the time (or turned off with the switch on the chord). Each light has sticky backing, making installation a breeze. All you have to worry about is concealing the cables. These lights work well not only for libraries but also for showing off any shelf of collectibles.[/read]

PageGlow Book Light

For a reading light that doesn’t illuminate the whole room, the PageGlow is a great option.[read more] The clever design lights up only one page at a time with a clear reading panel and five LEDs. The handle is comfortable and keeps the light in place, and the size is enough for most paperback books. If you want to read in bed without disturbing your partner, this is a great book light for the job. A rechargeable version is also available for a slightly higher price.[/read]

Pipe & Rustic Wood Bookends

You can call them “rustic modern” or “steampunk,” but either way, these simple bookends are stylish and fun on any bookshelf. [read more]They are heavy enough to hold hardcovers without sliding, and no assembly is needed. For any reader who wants a bit of style added to their shelves, this is an excellent gift that looks great and will last forever.[/read]

From the Library of Book Embosser

If you’re one of those readers who enjoys scrawling your name in the cover of your books, you might appreciate this personalized book embosser or know another reader who will. [read more]By gently squeezing the embosser, you can leave your mark behind with a simple and attractive mark that bears your name, or whatever you choose to put on the embosser. Easy to use and virtually indestructible, this embosser will last any reader for a lifetime.[/read]

LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall

For the Harry Potter fan who also loves LEGOs (which makes up most of humanity), this impressive 878-piece set brings a bit of the wizarding school to your home. [read more]With 10 of the book’s beloved characters, magical items, house banners, and a boat, there are more than enough pieces to set up a variety of Hogwarts scenes. The Great Hall is open on one side, as is the 14-inch-high tower, which includes a treasure room, potions room, and spiral staircase. There’s even a sorting hat, wands, and several classic Harry Potter creatures. If you had to give someone just one Harry Potter LEGO set, this is the one.[/read]

Thumb Thing

If you know a reader who struggles to get the right reading position, this Thumb Thing could be the perfect solution. [read more]By simply sliding onto the thumb, the Thumb Thing keeps the book propped open for easy one-handed reading, making it perfect for reading while cooking or at the gym. It’s also a great gift for readers with carpal tunnel syndrome or weak grips. Thumb Things are available in a range of colors and sizes.[/read]

Floating Bookshelf

This simple bookshelf creates the illusion of a floating stack of books on your wall—a great idea for a reader with minimalist tastes. [read more]The metal shelf hides behind four or five books and is invisible, even from below. A group of two or three of these shelves looks great and also saves space. Installation is easy, and all necessary hardware is included. In addition, some of the proceeds from each sale go to New York’s Pratt Institute  School of Design. The small shelf holds up to 15 pounds, while the large one can support up to 20 pounds.[/read]

LuminoLite Bookmark

This might be the ultimate bookmark with its built-in LED and slim design. [read more]Unlike most book lights, the LuminoLite uses a soft yellow LED that is easier on the eyes than the normal bright blue light. It can be used as a clip-on light or as a bookmark, as the clip is removable. It’s rechargeable, which makes it perfect for traveling—and it doesn’t need a charging cable. Instead, it plugs directly into a USB port. Eight hours of light is hefty, and at 1.5 ounces, it’s pretty lightweight as far as book lights go. If you or someone you know like to read on the go, this is one of the best book lights or bookmarks out there.[/read]

55 Antiquarian Bookplates

This set of bookplates is a great gift for any reader who likes to leave their mark on their books. [read more]The plates come in six antiquarian styles with a variety of quotes from classic authors, though some of the plates are blank. The whole package comes in a great-looking box that can tuck neatly on the shelf. And with 55 included plates, this is likely to last any reader for a while.[/read]

Game of Thrones Collectible Wine Glass Set

This glassy set of two stemless wine glasses is a great gift for any Stark or Targaryen.[read more] With the final season inbound, these are a great way to keep a drink in hand as Westeros moves into the endgame. Three different designs are available.[/read]

Sprout Bookmarks

For a set of bookmarks that stand out, these Book Sprouts make a great stocking stuffer. [read more]Made of flexible silicone, these six bookmarks look like a plant is sprouting out of the pages of your book. They can be tucked in the middle of a page to mark exactly where you left off, or they can stick out of the top of a book like a traditional bookmark.[/read]

Make America Read Again T-Shirt

Now this is a message we can get behind. The product description accurately states, “Reading increases empathy, chills you out, keeps your brain sharp, and can even help fight prejudice.” [read more]There are many awesome book-themed gifts available from various sellers on Amazon, but this is by far our favorite for both its relevance to current affairs and positive spin on an originally troubling message. This t-shirt is the perfect gift for the politically active reader in your life that also enjoys faking out complete strangers.[/read]

Audible Membership

For the commuter, compulsive runner, or that one friend who prefers audiobooks, an Audible membership offers access to thousands of books that you can download and take anywhere.[read more] In addition, Audible members get one free audiobook of their choice every month—any book, even new ones. And with Audible’s generous return policy, it’s easy to find your next good book.[/read]

Bookmark Pen

This three-in-one tool works as a bookmark and pen, and it holds 100 sticky flags in two colors. [read more]The elastic strap can be used to keep your book closed. The pen can take some getting used to, but this is the perfect gift for the reader who enjoys taking notes and marking passages. Standard ink refills and sticky flags mean that this tool will last anyone for years.[/read]

Scanabout Barcode Scanner

If you know anyone who loves cataloging and organizing their library, this compact barcode scanner can make the process a whole lot faster and more convenient. [read more]The wireless design pairs with your computer via Bluetooth, and the battery recharges quickly and easily by plugging into your computer. It’s easy to manage separate libraries at once and keep track of which books have been lent out. In addition to tracking your library, you can also use this to scan movies and video games—or anything else with a barcode.[/read]

LANGRIA Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

This inexpensive bathtub reading caddy barely needs an explanation. [read more]The bamboo design looks great and adjusts easily to fit over the edges of most bathtubs, and it holds a glass of wine, a candle, and a book securely for a supremely relaxing bath. Rubber pads help to hold the caddy in place and prevent it from scratching the tub. This is the perfect gift for someone with an appreciation for self-care and long baths.[/read]

PenPower Dictionary Pen

Nothing interrupts your reading quite like having to pull out your phone to look up a word. [read more]This dictionary pen is able to recognize words from the page lightning fast and displays the definition on your computer. It can also aid with translation. The downside is that you’ll have to keep your computer handy, but otherwise this is a great little tool for any reader looking to expand their vocabulary.[/read]

Krukrustudio Book Bags

best gifts for book lovers

These gorgeous leather book-shaped bags are available in four different sizes (ranging from 9×6.7×1.9 inches to 14× inches), are fully lined and padded, and feature a magnetic snap closure, an adjustable shoulder strap that goes up to 50″, and two inner pockets. [read more]They are decorated with a plotter-cut thermo-transfer print and come in a variety of book covers; their shop lists 54 classic titles (including The Complete Sherlock Holmes pictured above), but also states that they are open to custom orders, so you can converse with them if you want a cover that’s not featured, or if you’d prefer a different size, faux leather, or a shopper-style bag. The prices range from $170 for the smallest size to $235 for the largest plus S&H (they are based on Russia but will ship worldwide). Even the smallest size is probably large enough to hold a small paperback in addition to your phone, wallet, keys, and other necessities.[/read]

Price: $170

Buy it here

Frostbeard Book Lovers’ Soy Candles

I think every reader knows the feeling of walking into a bookstore or library and wishing they could concentrate that smell into a candle.[read more] Well, Frostbeard Studio has done so for you with their line of Book Lovers’ Soy Candles. They come in a wide variety of fragrances, from general book-related scents such as Old Books, Bookstore, and Oxford Library to imaginative scents that evoke specific fictional worlds such as Through the Wardrobe, Gatsby’s Mansion, and Headmaster’s Office. They are hand-poured in small batches using clean-burning and eco-friendly soy wax and a lead-free cotton wick and come in a reusable glass jar with a plastic lid. The jars measure about 4″ tall and 3″ in diameter and hold 8 fluid ounces of wax, promising about 65 hours of burning time. They’re not as heavily fragranced as most commercial candles but rather provide a lovely, subtle scent that won’t overwhelm and pairs perfectly with a book. They also come in soy wax tarts if you prefer a wax melter to burning candles. Each candle is $18, tea light sample packs are $12 for a pack of four, and wax melts are $6.75 for a pack of six (plus S&H).[/read]

LumioLite Rechargeable LED Book Light

My reading time is probably split pretty evenly between e-books and hard copies; as such, this little device comes in pretty handy when I’m reading in bed and don’t want to disturb my other half.[read more] It might be slightly more expensive than your average reading light, but it’s worth the price for the rechargeable battery alone (if you consider the money you’d ordinarily spend on batteries, it more than pays for itself). One charge gives you hours of reading time, and the super bright LEDs with two brightness settings help reduce eye strain. The clip holds the light securely in place and the flexible neck allows you to put the light wherever you need it, and it’s the ideal brightness for illuminating the pages without keeping anyone else awake. The light comes with a built-in rechargeable 1000MAH li-ion battery, UL-listed charger, and USB cable.[/read]

LINENSPA Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

Reading in bed usually requires either holding your neck at an awkward angle, or holding the book directly over your face until your arms get tired. [read more]With this bed reading pillow, that struggle is no more. It’s filled with foam shreds for moldability and better airflow (so you don’t have to deal with back sweat), and provides excellent back support for reading or watching TV in bed. It’s also great to put on the floor for your kids to use. The plush velour cover is super soft, and the neutral stone color will match any decor. It measures 18″ high and features a convenient top handle for easy carrying. And the best part? It comes with a 3-year warranty.[/read]

Books > People T-shirt

Books > People Tshirt

If you’re tired of people interrupting you while you read, let the whole world know exactly how you feel with this adorable t-shirt. [read more]It’s available in three different shirt styles: standard unisex, women’s ultra slim, and women’s relaxed fit, and sizes range from S-3XL. All three styles are black 100% Super Soft Ringspun Cotton. It’s also currently on sale for $12, so make sure to grab it before the sale ends. When reading in public or social situations, take care to hold your book so that it doesn’t cover the graphic, to ensure that everyone gets the message.[/read]

Price: $20

Buy it here

Book and Glasses Holder Stand

Book and Glasses Holder Stand

This would make a perfect gift for those that require reading glasses, or really any glasses-wearer that likes to read at bedtime. [read more]It’s stunningly simple, yet genius; the top is just the right angle to hold your place without damaging the spine of your book, and the bottom space is perfect for holding your glasses (or other small accessories like a book light or bookmark) to ensure that they don’t get knocked off your nightstand. The wood is sanded to a smooth finish and the seller offers a variety of stains, so you can easily match it to your decor. Also, 10% of all sales are donated to PSC Partners Seeking A Cure, which is a nonprofit dedicated to researching Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (more information can be found here).[/read]

Price: $45.00

Buy it here

Books Are My Happy Place Throw Pillow


We’re big fans of Redbubble, as they feature a number of quality items (t-shirts, phone cases, home decor, bags, etc.) in a wide variety of designs from some amazing artists from all corners of the globe. [read more]Whatever your interests, it’s easy to find something that speaks to you, and for book lovers, this throw pillow is undoubtedly that thing. It comes in three sizes: small (16″ x 16″), medium (18″ x 18″), and large (20″ x 20″), and can be purchased as a cover only or a cover with an insert. The cover is made from 100% spun Polyester Poplin fabric and the insert from recycled polyester. The design is printed on both sides and would look great in any room; if you want a matching set, you can even purchase two for 15% off. They provide the perfect spot to lay your head when you visit your happy place.[/read]

Price: $20.00

Buy it here

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

If the reader in your life is a fan of e-books, considering gifting them a Kindle Unlimited subscription; it’s basically the Netflix of books. [read more]Even if they don’t have a Kindle, they can download the free Kindle reading app on most devices. For just $9.99 a month, they get unlimited access to over one million titles, as well as popular magazines and thousands of audiobooks with Audible narration. It does auto-renew every month, so you can’t select a specific number of months or pay all at once, but you do have the ability to cancel at any time (or even better, give the gift of indefinite reading). If you checked out Kindle Unlimited when it first began and weren’t impressed with the selection, check again, because they’ve added a ton of more popular selections and have some great series that make it more than worthwhile now.[/read]

Price: $9.99/month

Buy it here

The Book Lover’s Journal

Most avid readers love to keep track of the books they’ve read (or want to read), either for memory’s sake or to help them keep track of particular series/authors they like. [read more]Sure, sites like Goodreads and apps like Litsy are great, but sometimes you just want to chronicle things the old-fashioned way. The journal not only allows you to record details of books that you’ve read, but it also gives you space to write titles you want to read, as well as pages to keep track of books borrowed or lent, book sources, book group contact information, and a section for your reading life. There’s even a list of acclaimed titles and authors to help you choose what to read next. There are 216 pages in total, and the book measures 4.5″ wide by 7.5″ tall, so it’s easily portable if you want to take it to the bookstore or library.[/read]

Novel Teas

As most readers know, nothing pairs better with a book than a nice hot mug of tea (see below for mug). [read more]Novel Teas from Bag Ladies Tea contains 25 tea bags of the finest English Breakfast tea, each individually tagged with literary quotes from the greats. There are quotes about books from the likes of CS Lewis, Rita Mae Brown, and Alice Hoffman. And, as CS Lewis said, “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” As such, this would be perfect as a stocking stuffer or for a book club gift exchange.[/read]

Bracket Bookends


Bookworms can display their collection in style with these minimalist, contemporary bookends in the shape of brackets. [read more]They come in a variety of striking colors such as the yellow pictured above, red, purple, and mint green, and are made from laser cut sheet steel. These heavy-duty bookends come as two separate pieces, are strong enough to hold any number books, and also feature silicon anti-slip pads underneath to protect your furniture, making them well worth the price. They measure 7.5″ x 7″ x 3.6″ and the seller offers free international shipping. And if the brackets aren’t your style, the seller has many more shapes available in their Etsy shop.[/read]

Price: $59.00

Buy it here

First Lines of Literature Mug

This beautiful coffee mug from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild (a misleading name, as they are neither unemployed nor philosophers) features 24 opening lines from some of the greatest works of literature in history, including Pride and PrejudiceAnna KareninaSlaughterhouse Five, and Beloved. [read more]The attributions for each quote are even listed on the bottom of the cup, in case you don’t recognize them. The slightly-oversized mug holds 12 oz of liquid and is both dishwasher and microwave safe. If you’re getting it for someone else, it also comes in an attractive gift box for easy wrapping. If your reader is also a tea drinker, consider pairing this with the Novel Teas listed above.

Once Upon A Time Large Book Box

Once Upon A Time Large Book Box

Price: $14.99

Buy it here

Book Rest Lamp

Book Rest Lamp

This uniquely-shaped light doubles as a bedside reading lamp and an attractive book rest. [read more]The frosted glass gives it a beautifully soft glow that is perfect for reading at night without disturbing your partner, and the LED bulb never gets hot so it’s perfectly safe to rest your book on. And when you rest your book on it, voilá, you’ve made a house. The lamp measures about 4.4″ wide x  5.8″ tall x  5.8 ” deep, so it will easily fit on any nightstand. The LED bulbs are not replaceable but promise 20,000 hours of use, which is well worth the $100 price of the lamp. It comes with a multi-region adaptor for UK, EU, US, and Australia, and can also be used with a suitable 5v USB power supply.[/read]

Price: $100

Buy it here

storiarts Book Scarves

storiarts Book Scarves

These gorgeous infinity scarves are one of my personal favorite finds.[read more] The scarves are all made from American-made super soft 100% cotton knit fabric (about the weight of a t-shirt) that is doubled over and sewn at the edge and center for extra thickness and warmth. They measure about 63″ in circumference and 12″ in width. The text is screen printed and slightly textured, and each scarf comes with a set of care instructions. They are available with passages from 18 iconic titles such as Pride and PrejudiceSherlock HolmesHamlet, and more, and the shop also takes custom orders if you don’t see what you want. Most come in neutral colors, so they will go with everything and would be a fashionable addition to any outfit (for that literary chic look). They are $48 each, and well worth the price for such a unique and beautiful gift.[/read]

Price: $48

Buy it here

Vintage Library Wall Decals

Vintage Library Wall Decals

For those who have ever dreamed of owning their own personal library but just don’t have the money, they can at least achieve the look of it with these fabulous Vintage Library Wall Decals from Walplus. [read more]These eco-friendly, non-toxic stickers are self-adhesive (just peel and stick), will stick to a number of surfaces, and are easy to remove and reposition without damage to your walls. The set comes with nine pieces measuring about 23″ x 35″ each, so at just $48, you can get wall-to-wall bookshelves in your house or apartment at a fraction of the usual cost. If you buy enough, you can transform an entire room into the library from Beauty and the Beast. Okay, so they’re not real books, but from a distance, you almost can’t tell the difference. The worn-looking vintage tomes will certainly give any room a relaxing feel for you to curl up and read actual books in.[/read]

Price: $47.98

Buy it Here.

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