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I don’t know, man – when I was a kid, Chucky was truly terrifying. I mean, a child’s toy coming to life but in a much more murderous way than Toy StoryChild’s Play was loved by many, and although Chucky’s latest outing was a hot flop, Spirit Halloween is celebrating the old Chucky with this Bump N Go Chucky Animatronic – one of their newest additions for 2018.

The Chucky animatronic Halloween decoration stands 2-feet tall and weighs just 2.6 pounds, and it’s perfect for any horror movie buff’s Halloween decor this year. Essentially, it works like a drunk Roomba with a stabby Chucky on top of it, bumping into whatever crosses its path, turning around, and moving onto a new location. While moving, Chucky moves his head left and right as if he’s searching for the next person to stab with his (plastic) knife.

chucky bump n go

It also says some of Chucky’s quotables, including:

  • Hi, I’m Chucky, wanna play? Hehehe. Hahaha.
  • Who the hell are you? Hahahaha.
  • A true classic never goes out of style. Now, sit back and learn from the master.
  • I don’t have a problem with killing. I like a little killing now and then. What’s wrong with that? Hahaha.
  • Now, the first thing we gotta do is get me out of this body once and for all.
  • It’s showtime!

The Halloween decoration is sound activated, and it runs on 4 AA batteries (not included).

The Chucky Bump N Go is available exclusively at Spirit Halloween this year, so be sure to check it out if you’re heading to one of their pop-ups later this year (or you can buy it here).

Stay tuned to Nerd Much? for more nerdy Halloween decor this year, as we have a ton of new Halloween stuff to share with our readers soon.

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