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best horror manga

10 Best Horror Manga: Uzumaki, Parasyte, & More

From paranormal discoveries to hauntings and grisly, violent scenes, many love watching and reading creepy stories of facing and escaping death. The horror genre is...
comic book movies

20 Comic Book Stories That Would Make Great Movies (2020)

From Carnage's origins to Batman: Hush to X-Men Schism, here are 20 awesome comic book stories we want to see on the big screen.
The Freeze Comic

The Freeze Comic Announced for December

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi series in which all but one man has frozen.
Prodigy comic.

Prodigy Comic Coming from Netflix and Millarworld in December

Netflix's second Millarworld comic features "the best character" Mark Millar has created yet.
Stranger Things Comic

Stranger Things Comic Coming from Dark Horse

Netflix and Dark Horse Comics have teamed up to help flesh out the world of Stranger Things
super hero games

20 Super Hero Games We Want Right Now

Super hero games are very hard to nail. Look at all of the great super heroes we've seen in their own video games in...

Jamie Foxx to Star in Spawn

Jamie Foxx and Todd McFarlane are teaming up to bring Spawn back to theaters.

HBO Watchmen Casting, Story Details

Damon Lindelof has finally shared his vision for HBO's Watchmen. As well as the cast that will call the series home.

Jake Gyllenhaal to Play Mysterio in Spider-Man Homecoming Sequel

The Spider-Man Homecoming sequel is set to add Jake Gyllenhaal as one of Spider-Man's iconic villains, Mysterio.

Deadpool & Céline Dion Team-up for Music Video

The song "Ashes" from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack has brought together two icons - Deadpool & Céline Dion.