Image Comics Documentary: The Image Revolution

The image revolution documentaryThere are plenty of documentaries for nerds that are deserving of your time, and we love a good documentary here at Nerd Much (our most recent favorite being, of course, Making a Murderer on Netflix). But now, a new documentary film has come across our radar that we’re excited to check out: The Image Revolution, a documentary about Image Comics (which happens to be our favorite comic book publisher right now).

This comic book documentary takes a look at one of the most daring movies in comic book history, when, in 1992, a group of Marvel comic book artists left the company to create their own label. Now, Image Comics is still going strong, with popular franchises under their belt, including The Walking DeadInvincible, Spawn and Outcast. But why would Todd McFarlane and company leave the biggest comic book publisher in the world? It was a response to the many years of creator mistreatment by big red. The documentary is now available on Amazon for $14.99.

Price: $14.99

Buy it here.

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