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5 Funny Deadpool Comic Book Moments

Back in May 2000, an announcement was made that Artisan Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment were embarking upon a joint venture in order to bring the invincible yet “uglified” Merc with a Mouth onto the big screen. In the words of Deadpool himself, it will be “a different kind of superhero story” that involves turning guys into “fucking kebabs,” because face it, Wade Wilson is no ordinary superhero.

The chimichanga-eating, fourth-wall-breaking and red-suit wearing mercenary is probably one of the funniest superheroes in the Marvel Universe. However, Deadpool’s twisted sense of humor can be traced back to the comics based on him, which are filled with hilarious moments.

Here are the top five funny Deadpool comic book moments:

1. Deadpool’s *Snikt* reference and Street Fighter-style misogy

Issue: Deadpool #27

funny deadpool

*Snikt* That is a sound you probably do not want to hear, because that is the word used in Marvel comics to reflect the sound that is heard when Wolverine’s adamantium claws emerge. One of the reasons this is, perhaps, Deadpool’s funniest and notorious moments in his comics because he acknowledges the sound effect, thereby breaking the fourth wall yet again.

However, an even funnier moment, at least in the dark and twisted Deadpool sense of humor, follows right after this on the same page when Deadpool uppercuts Kitty “Shadowcat” Pryde with a beautifully executed Shoryuken, reference to the special attack used by Street Fighter characters Ryu and Ken. That’s one funny Deadpool!

2. Deadpool is worthy … apparently

Issue: Deadpool #37

funny deadpool

It would be quite the irony if Deadpool were worthy enough to lift Mjolnir, the hammer that grants the wielder the power of Thor. If you are wondering how and why he is shown lifting Mjolnir in this comic book page, well that is half of the humor. The Mjolnir Deadpool lifts and wields is not the real one, rather it is fake that he received from Loki disguised as his dad.

Of course, the Merc with a Mouth may be crazy, but he is not dumb, so he knew it was not the real thing and played along. Apparently it was worth it, considering that he even got to wear Loki’s horned helmet.

3. Deadpool rides a scooter…but that’s not all

Issue: Deadpool #68

deadpool comics funny

Fine! If Deadpool (and writer Gail Simone) says it’s a motorcycle then it’s a motorcycle, and it’s 100% manly! Seriously though, it’s a freakin’ Vespa. This becomes Deadpool’s choice of a “manly” ride when he is hired to exterminate a rich businessman who is about to expose a mutant who also looks like a “testicle with teeth,” much like Deadpool himself.

The funny part is not just that Rhino wrecks Deadpool’s car or that Deadpool is adamant that the Vespa he is riding is a manly motorcycle. Now, we all know Deadpool cannot fly, but who says he cannot launch his scooter — sorry motorcycle — off a ramp made of table legs and go sky high, crashing straight into the window of his target’s office. That is precisely what he does.

4. Deadpool sees the un-seeable: Aunt May & Uncle Ben naked!

Issue: Deadpool #48

deadpool uncle ben aunt may

It’s doubtful that Deadpool would be touching himself after witnessing what he did on this comic book page. Even with his dark and twisted sense of humor, the sight of these two naked people makes him want to express some rage. If you suddenly got an eyeful of not one but two naked old people, you would want to kill someone too. Deadpool (being Deadpool) kills both of them.

Of course, we all know that is not how Uncle Ben actually dies, and later, we find out that the naked Aunt May and Uncle Ben are actually clones. In fact, there was an army of deceased cloned superheroes attacking Deadpool.

5. Deadpool once decided his name should be Alfonso & Randy Monkey

Issue: Deadpool #267

deadpool comics funny

Well, to be honest, this moment is not only funny but also sexy, so it was definitely worth adding here. With a scantily clad woman like Beatrice Killcraven urging to “take her” that very instant, who would not wish their name was Alfonso and/or Randy Monkey? Deadpool wound up in Beatrice’s father’s home when he arrived at Goat Skull Island in order to rescue Headpool. The only thing perplexing about it was how she ended up mistaking the red suit-clad Deadpool for her deceased husband. With Deadpool being the lucky gent that he is, it’s no surprise that he ends up hitting the sack with her.

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