New Ghostbusters Figures Announced for Funko Pop!

ghostbusters figuresFunko Pop! figures have been taking the world by storm. This time, brand-new Ghostbusters figures have been announced to celebrate the new film.

The figures have appeared on the official Funko Blog. Not only do they have the main team of four, but there are also a few extras.

For the main team, the suits have translated fairly well into the Pop! style. Even the little bit of reflecting tape looks to have made the jump. Each character has enough differences in appearance to separate themselves from on another.

Their assistant, Kevin, has also made the jump. Sadly, his figure doesn’t feel as unique as the others. If you were to group the series together, he would definitely fit in and complete the look.

You can’t have the Ghostbusters without a few ghosts! Luckily we get new ghosts alongside the new cast. If you have seen either trailer for the movie, the first is the ghost they stumble upon in what looks like a library. She is just as creepy here with her pale eyes. As for the second, you’ll recognize him from the main logo. He actually looks kind of cute!

Check out the photos below to see each of the new Ghostbusters figures. They release in June, so if you’re interested in adding any of these to your collection, just click on the image to take you to their Amazon pages, or you can buy them a Pop in a Box. That way, you’ll have them before the new movie releases on July 15.ghostbusters figuresghostbusters figures ghostbusters figures ghostbusters figuresghostbusters figuresghostbusters figuresghostbusters figures

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