Death Star Levitating Wireless Speaker

Death Star Levitating SpeakerIt’s hard to imagine the idea of anyone making the Orb Levitating Speaker any cooler than it already is, but that’s exactly what has happened, as Hellosy has crafted a Star Wars Death Star Levitating Speaker. And yes, it’s light years ahead in coolness.

This speaker floats above an Imperial army-themed stand, spinning as it plays music. It connects via Bluetooth, so it’s an entirely wireless solution for playing the Darth Vader theme while working away in your office.

What’s more, the globe glows in the dark, illuminating the night. It comes with a charging cradle to charge while not in use. We’re told that all sales go to benefit the Darth Vader Memorial Fund, but that hasn’t been confirmed just yet.
There’s an undeniable coolness factor on display here, although it has a higher price tag than we’d like.

Price: $219.99 (45% off MSRP)

Buy the Death Star Levitating Speaker here.

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