Toddy Cable: Personalized Charging Cable Goodness

toddy cablesYou know how whenever you lend out your charging cable to a friend, you never get it back? Well, Toddy Gear Inc. has a solution to that problem: personalized Toddy Cables, the world’s first charge & sync cables for use with your smartphones and tablets.

The idea behind all of Toddy’s products is making fun and fashionable products, and the Toddy Cable is no exception. It’s all about personalization, allowing you to customize and personalize your own cable (through their website using their online tool). They’ve set out to make something entirely mundane a little more exciting, and anyone who follows Nerd Much knows that we’re all about injecting cool stuff into your everyday lives.

toddy cables

What’s more, the fact that you’ve customized your cable — you can even put your name on it — will allow you to see who in your office has borrowed it. There are cables for both Apple and Android devices available, and they even have an adapter that fits on the end of their micro-USB cables to turn them into Apple-ready cables. The Toddy Cable is currently being funded on Kickstarter, where you can snag one starting at $12, with many cool pre-made designs to choose from (we’d pick the beer & bacon one, personally).

Price: $12

Buy it on Kickstarter

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