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marvel backpacks

It’s important to have a reliable backpack that can protect your laptop and gear. Even if your not a frequent traveler, you never know when you’re going to want to bring your laptop with you on the go. Of course, we’re big fans of injecting nerdiness into our everyday lives, so when we look for the perfect laptop bag, we look for something with a bit of geeky flair. With that in mind, check out these well-designed Marvel Laptop Backpacks.

There are currently two of these superhero backpacks available, one designed after Captain America, and the other designed to represent Deadpool. The Captain America backpack uses Steve Rogers’ suit from the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie, with blue being the main color, with bits of red scattered around the pack.

In the middle of the backpack, you’ll find the iconic white star that Captain America fans have come to know so well. The bag has one main and one secondary compartment, two side Velcro pockets, one padded compartment for the laptop, one handle, cushioned adjustable straps with synthetic leather, and a cushioned back panel.

As far as the Deadpool backpack is concerned, it has the merc’s famed logo embossed on the front of it, with his signature emblazoned on the side. It has two exterior zipper compartments, two Velcro pockets, a padded compartment for the laptop, a handle, cushioned adjustable straps, and a snap buckle closure. The backpacks measure 19-inches tall, 13 inches wide and 8 inches deep.

Price: $69.99

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