Drone Racing League: Allianz World Championship Coming June 2017

I can’t think of anything cooler than the Drone Racing League right now. It’s an organization that takes a unique and competitive hobby (drone racing) and then makes it look simply cool and presentable to a broad audience, thanks to exciting courses lined with neon lights and zippy drones. What’s more, it turns the hobby into a professional race series, providing a lucrative career option for the best drone racers in the world.

This morning, the DRL cut a promo vid (which was filmed in Dolphins Stadium) for their upcoming Allianz World Championship Series that’s set for June 2017, and it’s exciting, to say the least.

Yesterday, the Drone Racing League announced their new global partnership with Allianz, an insurance brand, and because of this, the elite race circuit has been renamed to the Allianz World Championship Series.

The FPV drone racing series will include six races that will be aired in 75 countries, and it will be broadcast on ESPN (earning another +1 for modern sports) in North and South America. For international viewers, the DRL Allianz Championship will be shown on Sky Sports (UK and Italy) and ProSieben (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

What’s more, the DRL will be streamed on Twitch.

The six races will take place in London, Munich, Boston, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Miami, and the first tournament will begin at Alexandra Palace in London on June 13.

To keep a level playing field, the DRL will only allow racers to use their own custom drone, a DRL Racer 2, which weights 800g and has a 255mm carbon fibre frame. These drones also use four Cobra 2204 2,300kv motors and a Rotorgeek 20A electronic speed controller.

The DRL have already chosen 16 of the top competitors from around the world, each of which will be compensated for their racing skills whether they win or lose. However, there’s no word on the amount of the prize jackpot just yet. But to put it into perspective, 15-year-old Luke Bannister recently won $250,000 in the World Drone Prix in Dubai last March. So, you know, the potential for high stakes is there and likely.

For more on the Drone Racing League, stay tuned to Nerd Much?, as we’re going to be covering this from now on.

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