Celebrate Pokémon Day With Premium Gallery Figures

Pokémon Day is coming up fast, so you better get ready! For those not quite nerdy enough to know, Pokémon Day is February 27th and celebrates the 1996 release date of the first two Pokémon games in the series in Japan. The Pokémon Company, of course, cannot let this day go buy without giving fans something to buy and add to their collection of beautiful, badass, adorable, and sometimes a little racist Pokémon figurines. None of the slightly racist ones are in this line-up, unfortunately. Though I’d love to see how well a Jynx toy sells.Celebrate Pokémon Day With Premium Gallery Figures

These four entries into the premium Gallery Figures include Pikachu, Eevee, Mew and Magikarp performing their signature attacks: Mew’s Psystrike, pink squiggly lines and all, Magikarp with its Splash, which looks as boring as it sounds, Eevee’s star spangled move, though I’m not sure if that’s the Pokémon’s signature move, and finally, last but not least, Pikachu’s famous Volt Tackle looks the most badass out of all them, to be sure.

Each of these figures will be released February 27th for $16.99 each, and exclusively available at The Pokémon Center. These even come in fancy window boxes, for those of us who prefer to keep collectables as pristine as possible. Which of these figures will you be buying, if not all of them? Let us know in the comments below!


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