Outerspace Vodka

outerspace vodkaIt’d be hard for us to not have immediately fallen in love with Outerspace Vodka, give the fact that it comes in a beautifully designed bottle that takes the shape of an alien’s head. Of course, it’s not the look of the bottle that is considered important in the world of alcoholic beverages, but it’s how it tastes that’s important. Luckily, Outerspace Vodka has a smooth taste with virtually no bite, making it a great vodka choice for your drinking needs.

It comes in a typical 750mL bottle, which is unmistakable on store shelves, thanks to the badass bottle that’s shaped like our little green friends from space. There’s also a 50mL bottle available that’s also shaped like an extraterrestrial. According to the tag that comes with each bottle, the vodka was “filtered through meteorites more than 4 billion years old to create vodka that’s out of this world.”

Like any vodka, it’s best over ice. In our opinion, it’s best enjoyed by earthlings in a glass with some Kahlua and fresh cream added. While you’re at it, drink a few shots of it and pop in your VHS copy of 1979’s AlienEnjoy not sleeping that night, though.

Price: $29.99

Order a Bottle here.

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