Captain America Varsity Jacket

captain america varsity jacketVarsity jackets have always had a certain level of coolness to them. And although they were never something that us nerds sought out when we were actually in high school, their popularity has risen to an all-time high, thanks to the celebs who frequently wear them all over our televisions and movie screens. Possibly the coolest varsity jacket we’ve ever seen came across our desk over the weekend: a Captain America Varsity Jacket.

This varsity jacket is ideal for those on #TeamCap, the Captain America fans who will be on Steve Rogers’ side in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie. This button-front jacket has a navy blue base with heather gray sleeves, and the collar and wrists are red with white stripes. On the chest, there’s a great-looking Captain America patch. It’s an 80% Cotton/20% Polyester blend that is incredibly soft to the touch. It has a great fit to it as well. It’s not an over-the-top, Marvel fanboy product that makes you look like you’re yelling “I LOVE CAPTAIN AMERICA,” but, instead, it’s a subtle nod to the iconic superhero. Of course, there are other varsity jackets available, including a Deadpool jacket, Batman jacket, and a Superman one. They’re all available now via for just $49.

Price: $49

Buy the Captain America Varsity Jacket here.

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