Poké Ball Christmas Ornaments

These don’t look like cheap knock-offs.

ThinkGeek has brought us a nice subtle and classy touch to any Christmas tree: a set of four simple standard Poké Ball Christmas Ornaments. They aren’t just made of plastic either; these are real glass ornaments. 

These Poké Balls are perfectly fit to sit right next to all your other classic plain red, green, silver, or whichever color theme you decide on this year.

Though October might be a little early to start thinking about Christmas — with Halloween not even over yet — it is never too early to start with online orders. ThinkGeek is great with shipping, but anything close to Christmas and the post office slows down to a crawl. So a little over a month in advance will at least ensure you get all of your geeky Christmas decorations on time.

As to the Poké Balls themselves, this set of four has that metallic sheen that glass ornaments tend to have, giving that extra classy look. They are 3″ in diameter, so on the bigger side of the usual ball ornaments you’ve got tucked away in the basement.

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The design of these Poké Balls is rather precise to the game versions. The top is bright red, the button a clean white. Instead of the usual coat of paint to denote the two halves, these ornaments actually have a physical black crease in the middle. In addition to the white button at the front even popping out a bit.

Again, subtle and classy. These don’t look like cheap knock-offs and are priced about the same as the more elaborate set of ornaments out there. Snow and winter scenes always seem to cost a pretty penny before Christmas is over.

Despite their real appearance, ThinkGeek advises the potential buyer to not throw these ornaments; catch your Pokémon with the Poké Balls in your game — you’ll have a far higher chance of actually catching the Pokémon. Also, you won’t have to clean up the thinest of thin glass shards and particles.

Price: $24.99 USD

Buy it here.

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