MSI Vortex G25 Desktop Available Now

The beast within.

Price: Starting at $1,499

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Previously announced at Computex Taipei 2017, MSI has officially released their new gaming desktop, the MSI Vortex G25.

Aside from the beastly components within, this desktop’s main feature is the size, as it has a thickness of just 1.69″, height of 13.03″ and width of 10.98″.

Despite its very small size, it still packs a punch and boasts optimal VR performance. All of which reminds me of Alienware’s backpack VR computer, but lets get down to the specs so you can decide.

The Vortex G25 comes at two different price points and models, one is the more powerful Vortex G25 8RE for $1,999 and the Vortex G25 8RD for $1,499. The CPU of both pack the latest generation of the Intel Core i7 (8th generation to be perfectly clear), run Windows 10 Pro, has 16GB of memory, ESS Sabre HiFi audio DAC technology, and are, of course, the same size.

The differences are a little more extensive, and depending on your preferences could be big or small. The graphics card for the 8RE is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with 8GB GDDR5. Now we know where the 8RE name comes from. The 8RD has one step below with its NVIDIA GeForce GTA 1060 6GB GDDR5.

The 8RE includes Bluetooth v4.1 with the KillerDoubleShot Pro and the 8RD has Bluetooth v4.2 with GbE LAN Intel 802.11. The AC Adapter for the 8RE runs at 330W and the 8RD’s is 230W.

As an aside, the ports included are a single HDMI slot and only two USB 3.0 slots. Also MSI does mention that the hard drive is absolutely upgradable to your heart’s content. The current storage capacity of both versions is a 256GB M.2 SATA SSD in addition to a 1TB HDD.

The MSI Vortex G25 is available at Newegg and other retailers now.

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