WATCH LIVE: Megabots vs. Suidobashi Robot Battle October 17 at 10PM EST

Inspired by everything from video games to comic books.

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Ever wonder what Transformers would be like in real life? Well, your wait is over. The Megabots versus Suidobashi battle is coming up fast on October 17, 2016 at 10pm ET. No matter your timezone, this battle will be broadcasted live on Twitch for all to see. If Twitch isn’t your thing, or you have awfully slow internet, you can catch the whole thing after the event finishes on YouTube and Facebook.

If you haven’t been following these giant robot progressions, this battle has been in the works for nearly two years. It was supposed to happen back in August of this year, but there were some technical and venue delays. You can checkout the progress of the Megabot on team’s YouTube channel linked below.

The Megabot is built by a team of American engineers by the names of Matt Oehrlein, Guiding Cavalcanti (both founders of the project), Jon Gulko, Max Maruzewski, Mike Gomez, and Zach Wetzel. These folks work full time on the MegaBot as a company that specifically makes and works on these giant robots.

They were, of course, inspired by everything from video games to comic books that featured giant robots. Using the latest technology, they’ve built a 16 foot tall robot (by the name of Eagle Prime, a name that I’m sure has nothing to do with Optimus Prime) for the battle that weighs 12 tons.

Megabot’s competitor is the Sudiobashi Heavy Industries company who have built Kuratas for the fight. This one is significantly shorter, only 13 feet tall and weighs only 6.5 tons. Despite this weight class difference, the robots will be well matched and not so easy to knock down.

If you are at all interested, check out their Twitch channel (where the event will be streamed live) and their YouTube channel for further information.


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