Mario Themed Lamps Coming Mid December

Inspired by the original Super Mario Bros. game.

The Question Block and Chain Chomp lamps come courtesy of ThinkGeek. These lovely Mario-themed lamps could compliment any nerdy office space or bedroom. The first, the Question Block, is just that.Mario Themed Lamps Coming Mid December

The lamp section that actually illuminates is the Question Block in bright yellow. The question mark icon is white and there are dark yellow “bolts” on each corner. The box stands on a grey pole and a base of grass inspired by the original Super Mario Bros. game.

The switch is in the form of a chain with Mario at the end, poised to jump and punch open the box. A bulb is not included but it runs on a recommended 40W to get that perfect night light brightness. Just dim enough to make you think of sleep and bright enough to read a book.

Priced at $59.99 USD, the Question Block lamp stands at 19″ tall and the block itself is a cube of 7.875″. The latter is actually made out of fabric, so be careful not to put a higher wattage than the recommended 40W.

The Chain Chomp lamp is also just as it sounds. The base is dark brown block and from the top comes a silver chain with large links. They are not made of metal, because an electric wire needs to run along it.

At the top and end of the chain is the Chomp himself with his beady black eyes and bright white teeth. The light shines from the back of his mouth here, making for a rather cool lighting effect.

Unlike the Question Block lamp, the Chain Chomp lamp has a non-replaceable LED bulb (included of course). There is no jumping Mario either, in order to turn this one on or off, the cord itself has a switch.

Chain Chomp stands at 18.75″ and can the chain can be pivoted to point the light in the director you need it too. This lamp goes for $49.99 USD, a little cheaper than the Question Block.

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Price: $59.99 and $49.99

Buy them at ThinkGeek.


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