The Legend of Zelda Windbreaker

If you read The Legend of Zelda Windbreaker as The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, you probably need this jacket in your life.

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The Legend of Zelda Windbreaker is exclusive to BoxLunch and is priced at $69.90 USD. Luckily it doesn’t matter what size you choose, the price remains the same. If you read The Legend of Zelda Windbreaker as The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, you probably need this jacket in your life.The Legend of Zelda Windbreaker

The colors are less bright than a lot of Zelda clothing products. The green is a dull olive and the yellow more pastel than usual bright neon found elsewhere. The Hyrule crest is emblazoned on the upper left corner of the front. On the same side, the sleeve has the word Hyrule in large yellow letters and the a small Triforce at the top.

The jacket itself had a high collar and hood, just in case the weather turns from windy to chilly. The bottom is a softer polyester band, which will keep the heat in as long as it doesn’t rain.

As The Legend of Zelda Windbreaker is essentially made of the thin plastic, you’ll have to be careful when washing it. You can machine wash it, but remember to keep everything on cold and the dryer very low and gentle.

Though this windbreaker comes in men’s sizes only, women should not despair. A jacket is one of the few items of clothing that will fit and look good regardless of what gender you are. Besides, men’s jackets have killer pockets and that is always something to get excited about.

As a Canadian in the midst of a somewhat mild winter, I see very little point in a windbreaker that it isn’t decently insulated. This is no more useful than putting on a shirt before going outside.

But there are plenty of other countries with warmer weather than Canada, so I’m sure this windbreaker is of some use there. Especially if it really does break the wind, it would be particularly useful in places like Florida, where the wind never really stops.

Price: $69.90 USD

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