RGB Vertagear Gaming Chair Announced

Mood lighting.

At CES 2018, Vertagear has announced an addition to their racing chair series, and it’s quite an impressive offering. It’s called the PL4500 RGB Vertagear chair, made specifically for gamers that need support for those long raids. But the PL4500 does so in style, setting itself apart from similar chairs on the market with exciting RGB lights from almost every possible area on the chair, including the headrest, harness, and the base.

The lights are completely wireless, only needing to be plugged in if you want to charge them or change their settings. What’s more, you can even replace the batteries the lights use. They’ll last 30 hours on a full charge, however, so it will be quite some time before you manage to recharge the batteries so often you’ll need to replace them.

The lights can change colors with a variety of effects using the NZXT CAM software that the chair is integrated with. Just in case you were worried about how much juice your chair is sucking while you have it plugged in. It’s the one and only way to make your very own mood lighting for both gaming sessions and movie date nights. Whatever your use for these lights might be, they’re going to look awesome coming from this chair.

It is unknown what the price tag is on this chair, but it will be available this spring. For a frame of reference, the only other PL in the racing series is the PL6000, which is priced at $439.99 USD. The P-Line series is designed specifically for those that need to need a little more space and comfort in their gaming chair. The PL6000 is especially wide and features extra padding to ensure that your back and bum are perfectly supported.

The PL6000 even comes in Overwatch colors (orange, black and white) if you are at all interested in purchasing a new chair. Just in time for the Overwatch League event, which begins today. More ways to show your Overwatch pride will surely never dull.

If you’re in the market for a new gaming chair but just haven’t found the right one, perhaps the PL4500 is the one for you. Nothing can quite light up your world like those RGB lights.

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