Baaz: The Social Network That Gives the Whole Picture


Your social media accounts are probably a mess right now — that is, if you’re as busy as we are on a daily basis. Keeping this blog afloat, juggling kids, grown-up stuff, and trying to find any time to do the things we love to do make it nearly impossible to keep up with all of your social networks every single day. Now, luckily, there’s Baaz, a social network that aims to bring all of your social media channels together. Baaz aggregates all of the news trending on social and brings the whole story to you.

We’ve been kicking the tires with Baaz for the past few weeks, as they’re currently in a beta period for the U.S. And, what we’ve seen so far is certainly promising. The network takes a unique stance when it comes to how people consume and share their news with friends, allowing them to consume multiple perspectives on big trending stories. Instead of blocking certain groups or steering the story in any direction, Baaz brings them all to one platform with an unbiased approach. This makes it a great social media alternative for those who want a birds eye view of what’s trending.

You can follow any category you like, whether you want to find the latest buzz in the gaming world, what’s happening in Hollywood, or the latest in tech (among many other categories). Under each header, you’ll find the latest trending stories and multiple takes from that story. You can then share that story (and your own personal take) to all of your social networks at once.

baaz social network

You can connect up to 150 social networks from around the world, including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more, as well as integrate with blogging tools like Storify, WordPress, Blogger, and more. It really is an all-encompassing social media solution that makes following trending topics and talking about them with friends much easier.

Baaz allows you to follow all of the hottest trending news that you want, cherry pick the ones you want to amplify to your friends/followers, and share the news to your other social media accounts as well.

If you’re an all-consuming news buff who HAS to keep up with the latest trends (and talk about them with your friends), Baaz is a great alternative to larger social media platforms, especially if you’re looking for everything that’s trending all in one place. Join now, and give Nerd Much? a follow if you do.

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