Borderlands Claptrap USB Hub

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claptrap usb hub

Thinkgeek has done it again. Combining our favorite general-purpose robot from Borderlands and our perpetual need to charge our electronic devices — and now we have found a truly amazing piece of Nerd merch for you: the Borderlands Claptrap USB Hub that talks when you charge your stuff.

How often do you find yourself, waiting to charge devices because you got to the only available outlet last? It is a common problem these days. Well worry not, because your favorite claptrap robot from Pandora is here to fulfill all of your charging needs, and does it with that eccentric Claptrap personality you have come to love.

The Claptrap USB Hub features four separate ports for your charging convenience, so you can charge all your devices at the same time, and let’s face it time is of the essence no matter what planet you are on. It is even capable of transferring USB data (at a speed of 480 MPS) and charging simultaneously, so you can get even more done.

This Claptrap USB Hub doesn’t stop there, it also features light up blue eyes to indicate power, and oh yeah… it talks! Every time you interact with a port on the device it will respond to you with one of five different phrases:

“Lookin’ good minion… whenever you’re ready buddy!”

“This feels good…feels right. I am mildly uncomfortable with how good that made me feel… mildly.”

“Alright that one hurt a little. Oh, right. You’re not a Hyperion robot. I forget that sometimes.”

“That’s how you do it! Ha ha! I knew I’d get it eventually.” and “Yeah! Well done buddy.”

We could all use a little extra positivity and charisma in our lives, why not get yours with this talking Claptrap USB Hub? If the chatty robot from Borderlands isn’t your thing, then you may appreciate the included mute button.

This officially licensed Borderlands merchandise is compatible with any device that charges via USB as long as you have the necessary cable.

This ThinkGeek exclusive is currently priced at just $39.99 and is available to order now (via the link below).

Price: $39.99

Buy it at ThinkGeek here.

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