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I used to start my morning by flipping through social media on my phone while I’m drinking my coffee. I’ll start with Facebook and flip through until I feel like I’ve seen enough, and then I’ll open the Twitter app and flip through until I’ve seen enough. Then, I’ll open YouTube to see if there are any new videos I should be watching from those YouTubers I’m subscribed to.

Now, I simply open the Baaz app.

Baaz is a unique new social media platform that allows you to follow almost all of your social media accounts in one app. The social media platform allows you to follow over 150+ different social media accounts to have them display in your timeline.

What social media platforms does Baaz support? At the time of writing this, it supports Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, DeviantArt, DailyMotion, and many more of your favorite online destinations.

Once they’re added to your Baaz account, you’ll be able to follow them all, easily switching between them with a single click. Want to see what’s going on on your Twitter timeline? Click the Twitter timeline. Want to see what racist meme Aunt Cindy has posted to Facebook this time? Click the Facebook timeline. Want to see what your Baaz friends have been up to? Yup, you can sort that out also.

The app also works flawlessly, without any hiccups, loading all of these timelines super quickly and painlessly for its users. Its smooth and intuitive, and because of its ease of use, it has quickly become one of my most-used apps on my phone.

So if you’re looking for an easier way to digest all of the content from your favorite social media sites, you should give Baaz a try.

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