Star Trek Corridor Door Cover

Price: $24.99

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I kind of wish door graphics would catch on already, especially after seeing this ridiculously cool Star Trek Corridor Door Cover from ThinkGeek. It’s a door-size, high-quality graphic printed on 100% polyester. It’s made to fit over standard interior doors using elastic on all of the corners.

The graphic makes whatever is beyond the door look like the halls of the Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation. And yes, of course, it’s officially-licensed. We have no doubt that this would make a great addition to your room decor; I’m thinking about putting this up in our office, myself.

Sure, Star Trek is cool and all, but think about the other possibilities, right?

What about the halls of Nostromo from Alien or the innards of the Millennium Falcon? What about, like, a giant green portal from Rick and Morty? How cool would that be?

See – the potential for other cool door graphics is there, so hopefully, we start seeing some more available for us to buy. Anyway, if you’re into Star Trek, this one will do for now.

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