How to Prepare for the SAT


Do you know that 2 million students around 175 countries take part in SAT every year? Recently, there were 13,000 applicants from India alone. We just want to let you know the popularity of this exam.

SAT is created by the College Board; USA is an entrance exam for the students who want to get admission in top US universities and also in the universities of the UK like Oxford and Cambridge. The cost of registration for SAT is $52.50.

SAT Exam details

  • Sat Reasoning test and Sat subject test are the two formats in the exam consisting of 20 subject option.
  • The duration of the exam is 3 hours, if you include the essay then there will be 50 minutes added to the total time
  • The total exam fees excluding essay are $47.50 and $64.50 when essay s included.
  • Registration for the exam costs $26 up to 3 subject tests
  • SAT score validity is for five years

There are common misconceptions among students that if they are good in studies they can walk unprepared in the exam and easily ace the exam. But that is not the case SAT exam needs some honest preparation and tests your skills in math writing and reading. Here are some of the tips you could use to clear the exam in the very first attempt.

Know your exam

The first and the foremost thing is knowing your exam pretty well. You must clearly know the structure. Let me describe SAT structure in details.

  • The reading section consists of a total of 70 minutes with one 20 minute and two 25 minutes questions.
  • The math section is also 70 minutes consisting of one 20 minutes and two 25 minutes questions.
  • The writing section consists of a total of 60 minutes having one 10 minutes and two 25 minutes questions.

You can score in between 600-2400 taking into consideration 800 points for each section described above. For the examination, you need a photo id proof, two pencils, an eraser, and a scientific calculator. Cell phones and laptops are strictly prohibited.

The more practice you do, the easier it will be

Preparing for SAT exams is just like the preparation for the marathon. The more you practice the merrier it is. Start preparing early in your school days that is give two years of time for it. Start preparing from your 11th grade and you will thank yourself later.

Invest in quality course materials

Don’t be a miser when it comes to investing in buying the preparatory materials. Instead, think long-term about scholarships and free studies in top universities so start investing in top quality prep course materials and you will not regret it.

Practice more with mock tests

The mock test is the best way to sport check your preparation there is no way you could perform best without giving some mock tests. They are also beneficial to track your progress with the preparation as you can always go and study the sections which you feel need some revision after taking the mock test. Also, this will also help in enriching your proficiency in the English language which is the major part in SAT exam.

Use your calculator

In many schools, calculators are prohibited and the math teacher advises to use your brain but SAT is a different platform altogether. The scientific calculators are allowed in the exam thus start practicing using the calculators to solve major equations and problems that are at hand.

Start memorizing important formulas

SAT will provide some of the important geometrical formulas but it is best to memorize the theorems like Pythagoras formulas, triangle rules, and special formulas which will be required when solving the problems. These formulas when memorized will give an extra edge over other students.

Improve your vocabulary

When it comes to SAT exam, your English will determine how you score in the exam. So start building your vocabulary. Not necessary to learn all word of the dictionary but vocabulary will give an extra edge in the exam. The vocabulary will improve you in reading comprehension and science completion.

Start mastering the multiple choice questions

SAT test is all about multiple choice questions and a candidate can use it to his advantage. For example the questions like ‘Identifying sentence error’ and ‘Improving sentences’, we can put the options in the questions to eliminate the wrong ones. Don’t overlook the hard questions and compromise with the score and practice well from PrepAway.

Time management

Time management is an essential part of the preparation, there is a limited time and you want to fully utilize it. Skip the questions that you are not confident at the beginning because skipping does not cost a negative mark. Practice when to guess and when to skip, these practices can be effectively practiced in mock test and you can use the experience to your advantage.


After completing the preparation, it is the time for revision. We encourage to keep at least 20 percent of the time for revision, this will greatly increase the probability of high scores. And on the final day, don’t stress at all. You have worked 100% and don’t let the stress ruin it. Remember there are always retakes for the exam so just chill. The results are generally out within 4 to 6 weeks from the exam.


We know that you want top universities with great scholarship, so we recommend following the tips rigorously, practicing more and aiming for the score around 2000, yes it seems high but yes the competition is high too. There are hundreds of tips but yes the one covered in this article are the biggies. We hope you clear the exam and come out in flying colors. Till then, Best of Luck.

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