SpyFinder Pro Hidden Camera Detector Finds Spy Cams

It seems every week there is some other Kickstarter trying desperately to convince you that their project/product is the game changer you’ve been waiting for. Whether they are waterproof smart watches or slightly cooler coolers- there is a seemingly endless supply of “great” ideas. Every once in a while though, an idea pops up that just makes you wonder why nothing of the sort has been created yet. The latest offering in the “Duh, of course, I want that.” category of Kickstarter products is the SpyFinder Pro,  an easy-to-use personal handheld hidden camera lens detector that quickly locates all hidden cameras undetectable to the naked eye.

The idea strikes you as immediately obvious. In fact, it is surprising that a consumer priced camera detector has not been created earlier. Take a trip to the spy museum in Washington D.C., and you will see a plethora of nifty gadgets dating back nearly 60 years that seem to allude to devices like this existing in decades past. While I speculate the CIA has probably been rocking a version of this for the last 50 years, there is finally an opportunity for the rest of us to break out our inner James Bond and conduct a little counter-espionage.

On its face, the concept may seem a little strange to some of you, but a quick glance at some recent headlines will tell you exactly just how useful this device can be.

Maintaining Your Privacy in the Digital Age and the Modern Sharing Economy.

Whether you are a digital nomad, a frequent traveler, or even just someone considering taking a trip in the near future – you have likely considered utilizing an Airbnb rather than the typical hotel or hostel. This isn’t a bad choice, as you can often get considerably better-living conditions for a much lower cost -but you should also be aware of the risks.

Only a few months ago in North Carolina, a man was brought up on Peeping Tom charges for installing a hidden camera in the Airbnb room he was renting out. The device he used was a small USB recorder, barely the size of your pinky finger. And just last month a Scottish couple discovered a camera embedded into the alarm clock next to their bed in a  room they were renting in Toronto. While Airbnb has been more than accommodating, helping and siding with the victims of these events – it stands to reason that for every camera discovered there is an unknown number out there that have gone undetected for who knows how long.

Rather than live in paranoia and deprive yourself of taking advantage of the sharing economy, something that will only continue to grow in popularity, the SpyFinder® Pro Hidden Camera Detector allows you to quickly gain peace of mind and confidence in your privacy no matter where you are.

Privacy is Always Practical

The situational uses of the SpyFinder Pro don’t stop at travel though. There are a surprisingly vast array of reasons one may find themselves worried about being surveilled. Whether you are concerned about a property that recently had new contractors in it, traveling on sensitive business, going through a messy divorce, or even just using the dressing room at your local outlet store -peace of mind regarding your privacy is hard to put a price on. Just a cursory search for hidden cameras on any search engine will bring back a ton of results that will quickly make you realize just how helpless you are without a detector. Small, and relatively cheap, cameras can be purchased which can fit within keychains, lamps, picture frames, air fresheners, fake refreshments and much much more. Most of these cameras are fairly sophisticated and will be streaming to a separate site, likely being recording.

Even if you are just going about your day to day life, it isn’t hard to imagine someone taking a mundanely embarrassing event and using it against you to either extract money or for some other nefarious end.

The SpyFinder® Pro Hidden Camera Detector is geared to ensure that no matter where you are, you know exactly who is watching you.

How the SpyFinder® Pro Works

If you have gotten this far in the review, it is safe to say that you can see the value in such a device and are interested in just how this thing works. I spent a half a decade working Security in the Marine Corps so I have seen all manner of clever ways which security devices, especially cameras, can be hidden. It is easy to be skeptical that such a small consumer device could actually pull off what it claims -until you realize the ingenious thought process behind it. Just like the Night Vision Goggles in the military, this device uses infrared light to highlight key features in the terrain. When turned on, six proprietary LED strobe lights activate. The unique wavelength of infrared light causes it to bounce and reflect strongly off of optical lenses -meaning that any camera lens (no matter how small) will reflect back to with a brightness that is immediately obvious. It doesn’t matter if the camera has been inactive for a decade, the optical lens will still have the same reflecting effect with the infrared, meaning that you can detect cameras even when they are turned off.

Once a trace has been detected there are multiple power settings that will allow you to pinpoint the source, no matter how well hidden.

While this works amazingly well for optical lenses, it will not detect listening devices, GPS trackers or any other noncamera based spy gadgets out there.

About the Team Behind SpyFinder® Pro

SpyAssociates.com, the team behind the SpyFinder® Pro has over two decades of security experience and knows firsthand the lengths that individuals will go to get compromising video of you or those you love. They have been running in-house tests with the device and have brought back some solid results -putting this project well ahead many of the other Kickstarters out there. They have already passed the quality assurance testing and are now trying to complete the last leg of their crowdfunding goal of $10,000.

Should You Support It

This project has a lot of good things going for it. The product is being built, developed, and tested by individuals with a large well of experience in the security industry; their quality tests have all come back great, and the team already has experience packing and shipping products across the globe. All of the red flags that would typically turn one off from crowdfunding a seemingly good idea have already been overcome in this case. You can invest (relatively worry-free) knowing that this product will have a solid chance to make it to market.

Check out the Kickstarter project here if you’re interested.

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