Doctor Who TARDIS Coffee Press

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This ThinkGeek/Gamestop exclusive Doctor Who TARDIS Coffee Press is another example of the power of the biggest British geekdom ever. It’s a traditional French Press for making your coffee (which, if you haven’t used one yet, we highly recommend doing so), but with that extra dose of Doctor Who charm. Plus, at only $39.99 it is a timeless deal for style and substance. It’s just too bad this Tardis isn’t bigger on the inside, though.

Based on the design of the iconic blue police box, this French Press is in a brilliant royal blue color and swaps the boxy shape of the canon police box to better work with the rounded carafe. It features all the standards of the TARDIS, however, including the police box text around the top of the TARDIS and a panel with the opening instructions usually found on the door. The design of this TARDIS Coffee Press is very much worth the designation of officially-licensed. It’s almost as though any one of the Doctor’s generations may come tumbling out for a swim in your cup of coffee.

The TARDIS Coffee Press can brew about 34 fluid ounces of coffee per usage or about two to three standard cups of coffee. The carafe, itself, is heat-resistant glass, and the internal plunger is made from stainless steel. The dimensions of the carafe put the press at about 9 ½ inches tall with a 4-inch diameter to the carafe itself. The full base is about 4 ¾ inches in diameter. This puts the TARDIS Coffee Press at about 1 lb. when empty. To care for your new TARDIS, you should hand-wash it only.

Overall, this TARDIS Coffee Press is a winner for Whovians and coffee-lovers everywhere. At only $39.99, you’ll be able to snatch up this and plenty of coffee to enjoy your next all-night Doctor Who-binge. Just be sure not to drink so much that it causes your two Gallifreyan hearts to beat into overdrive.

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