Cool Stuff18-Inch Harry Potter Funko Pop

18-Inch Harry Potter Funko Pop

The Boy Who Lived and his companion bird, Hedwig, come together with this oversized Harry Potter POP! vinyl. This 18-inch Harry Potter Funko Pop is ready to take on what wonders and adventures await within the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hedwig is along for the ride, though he’s sure to have a few tricks up his sleeve.

Standing 18” tall, this Harry Potter POP! is a must-have collectible for all fans of the magical series. Potter is donning his official Gryffindor robe, complete with the memorable seal embellished near his left shoulder. His scarf sports the colors of House Gryffindor, further solidifying his alliance among the houses of Hogwarts. 

Show your own allegiance to House Gryffindor with a POP! figure of one of its most notable students. Professor Snape may scoff at Potter, but you can bet Headmaster Dumbledore would have this Harry Potter 18” POP! vinyl in his collection. 

Hedwig looks on with large black eyes and is perched atop Potter’s outstretched arm. The pair are a must-have addition to every Harry Potter collection. Let the Potterverse come to life in your home with the 18” POP! vinyl and dispel any worries about Lord Voldemort causing havoc in your home with Potter on guard. The oversized figure is intimidating to those that fear Potter and his legacy. 

His glasses and hair are styled to match his on-screen depiction. Across his forehead is his signature scar, the lightning bolt that signifies his defiance against Voldemort’s plans. He may not have his wand at the ready, but you can bet Potter has it tucked away should he need to cast Expecto Patronum. 

Add to your growing Harry Potter collection with this 18-Inch Harry Potter Funko Pop now and show off your love and admiration for the Potterverse with two of its most memorable characters.

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