LootAnime Unboxing: May 2016

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Lootanime Unboxing

I have long been looking for the perfect monthly mystery box, but I wanted to invest my money wisely and on something unique. While I receive a plethora of emails from various companies promoting their current themes with titles surely to tickle any self-respecting geeks fancy, nothing seemed to tempt me into that financial commitment.

All the boxes were extremely similar and I lack basic decision making skills  ̶̶̶  a recipe for disaster. But, then I come across an anime themed mystery box called LootAnime, LootCrate’s branch that strictly caters to anime and manga lovers. The May theme up for grabs, Unity, included items from content such as Full Metal Alchemist and Dragonball Z. Their previous themes appeared to include shows like FairyTail and Tokyo Ghoul, which I took as a good sign.

Even with a price tag of $29.95 (ten dollars more than your average mystery box), I felt I had to try it out. I signed up on the first of May and waited oh so NOT patiently until June 2nd for my shipment to arrive. LootAnime is shipped in the last week of every month so while it is prudent to secure your crate, it’s not easy on those of us that like instant gratification.

On the day my LootAnime arrived, I felt a flurry of emotions. I had not been this excited and nervous since I was six, ripping the paper off brightly-wrapped Christmas gifts. Childlike wonder filled my chest as I grabbed a knife to cut the tape from the box. The most notable part of a subscriber’s first glance into this crate is the artwork printed along the inside of the cardboard. A stark white phoenix is cast against a dark blue background, set afire by a stippling of orange outlining the flying bird. It’s an abrupt change from the mostly black outer box and quite memorable.

This package came with a total of five distinctively themed items and a poster. First, there is a plush Chiko from the new anime movie The Boy and the Beast. The plush is cute, super soft and definitely going to be eaten by my dogs if I am not careful.

Second, I pulled out a red t-shirt and it took me a moment to realize it was a replica of the shirt Nate wears in Yo-kai Watch. I was pleasantly surprised the shirt was made from soft stretchy cotton that fit just as expected. It’s a very plain shirt with just a star on the chest but the fit and cute white trimmed sleeves make it a solid option for everyday wear  ̶̶̶  a sneaky casual cosplay, almost.

Third, and perhaps my favorite item in this box, is a FMA transmutation rug. It is a small mat measuring 24” in diameter perfect size for in front of a sink or door. However, in an effort to preserve my new favorite floor accessory, I will be keeping mine in a low traffic area.

After the rug excitement faded, I was able to focus on my second favorite item in this month’s LootAnime, an exclusive LootCrate Super Saiyan Goku Pop! figure. His gold hair and vivid green dot eyes make this figure stand out in my growing collection of Funkos. Lastly, it seems the May theme, Unity, is representative of a collaboration between LootAnime and Crunchyroll.

Therefore, the fifth item is a set of unity/friendship phone charms shaped like feathers that fit together at the quill. The poster included is also designed this way, depicting two young girls, one for Crunchyroll and one for LootAnime reaching out together toward the intertwined feather symbol.

The art style is very modern and vibrant, and although the poster doesn’t portray a well-known anime or manga, it will look right at home amidst my other nerdy reproductions.

Check out LootCrate here.

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