Cool Stuff2001 HAL 9000 Christmas Ornament is Here to Take Over Your Tree

2001 HAL 9000 Christmas Ornament is Here to Take Over Your Tree

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2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s iconic science fiction film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. One of the most memorable components of that film was the Discovery One’s Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer, HAL 9000. And just as the HAL 9000 was a crucial element in making operations on the Discovery One run smoothly, so too is this 2001 HAL 9000 Christmas ornament vital to making your tree complete.

This 2001 HAL 9000 Christmas ornament isn’t just good looking either. It also features lights and sounds to complete the immersion. Pressing the button on the HAL ornament will cause it to illuminate its eerie, sinister red bulb. And then as the light begins to fade, you’ll be treated to the computer replica singing “Daisy Bell” as it shuts down.

With the 2001 HAL 9000 Christmas ornament featuring the ability to light up and sing, the tree fixture will require 3 LR44 button cell batteries to operate. They do come included in the initial packaging though.

The ornament’s dimensions are 1.6″ wide x 2.8″ tall x 1.0″, so it won’t be taking up quite as much room as its Discover One counterpart. And the 2001 HAL 9000 Christmas ornament is officially licensed so you know all of the fine details are there.

ThinkGeek currently has the 2001 HAL 9000 Christmas ornament in stock for $19.99 before tax, with an additional $8.95 being added for standard shipping. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated way to up the nerdiness of your Christmas tree, you can’t do much better than this. But if you prefer to wear your nerdiness on your sleeve, you could always opt to go the route of Batman, Rick and Morty, and Fallout for your ornament needs. Or, to go quite literal, you can wear your¬†nerdiness on your sleeve¬†by purchasing one of the various video game themed Christmas sweaters we’ve come across. You’ll be the coolest kid at the party.

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