Cool Stuff3 Player Chess (3 Man Chess)

3 Player Chess (3 Man Chess)

Chess can be a challenging game, depending on your opponent. But what if you had two challenging opponents at the same time? Introducing a 3 player chess game simply called 3 Man Chess, a game with a set of rules that are similar to Chess but adjusted for a round board and three players.

The three person chessĀ game comes with a beautifully designed board that’s 19 inches in diameter. Each game comes with three sets of chess pieces, black, white, and gray. Obviously, the game allows you to play the classic board game with three people. The only changes from conventional chess are some protocol changes that have to be followed to maintain the proper order. Having a third player in the game creates an all-new level of complexity that big-time chess players will appreciate. There are so many trust and doubt situations on the board that the possibilities for victory are endless.

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