Action Hero Beach Blanket

action hero beach towel

It’s unfortunate that we hadn’t seen this on ThinkGeek until now, as summer is winding down and we won’t have much of a need for beach towels soon. But, we still have to share it with our readers. So, let us introduce you to the Action Hero Beach Blanket, a beach towel that is designed to look like action figure packaging so that you can let other beachgoers know that you’re the best.

This means you’ll look like you’re an action figure, and your gadgets (if placed next to you on the blanket) will look like the included accessories you’d typically get with action figures. Genius. There are plenty of nerdy beach towels that we’ve come across in our days, but this one takes the cake for being the nerdiest of them all. It’s delightfully ridiculous.

Price: $29.99

Buy it here.

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