Star Trek Panic Tasks You With Defending Enterprise

Star Trek Panic has come out and it’s asking you to defend the U.S.S. Enterprise. It’s not easy being the captain, so you and your friends have to work together!

This re-imagining of the hit game Castle Panic is officially licensed and asks you to complete missions alone or with up to five friends. To win the game, you must complete five missions with the ship still intact. The hard part is keeping the ship safe from all the enemy attacks!

Each game of Star Trek Panic lasts about 90 – 120 minutes and is completely cooperative. You either win as a team or lose as a team. If you haven’t been lucky enough to try out Castle Panic, the gameplay is simple enough. Enemies come from every direction while you fight your way to make sure the board stays clear. Once they break through your walls and topple your tower (or in this case, the Enterprise) it’s game over.

We’re excited to see how this variation changes up the game a little bit. Either way, we can’t recommend these enough. You’ll have trouble finding a better way to spend time with family or friends.

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Here are the full specs below:

  • Star Trek Panic
  • Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Original Series game based on Castle Panic
  • For Starfleet cadets ready to defend the U.S.S. Enterprise
  • For 1 – 6 players
  • Ages 13+
  • Play Time: 90 – 120 minutes
  • Mechanic: Co-operative play, campaign-driven
  • Includes:
    • Game board with Enterprise ship and base (assembly required) and 6 shield pieces
    • 31 3-sided Threat tokens (with bag)
    • 6 Damaged Shield indicators
    • 6 Damaged Hull indicators
    • 8 4-sided mission-specific tokens
    • 6 Mission indicators
    • Force Field and No Maneuver tokens
    • 7 character cards
    • 6 turn order reminder cards
    • 20 oversized cards (Missions, Timer, Hit Guide)
    • 62 Enterprise cards
    • 6-sided die
    • Instruction manual

Buy Star Trek Panic here.


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