Change Blade: Create Your Own Foam Weapons

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Get ready to take your office warfare and LARPing to an entirely new level.

A new business of interest to us has popped up on Kickstarter by the name of Change Blade, which has set out to change the way we think about our foam weaponry. Instead of the premade, pre-colored, and unimaginative foam weapons that are available at any toy store, Change Blade allows buyers to create their own, with a custom blade, hilt, and pommel.

Buyers can choose from a current roster of 9 different blades, 9 hilts, 17 pommels. That leaves more than a possible 1300 unique foam weapon possibilities. Of course, once you factor in the color options (each part of the weapon can have a primary and secondary color), customization gets a bit out of hand — in a good way, of course.

Change Blade

But it gets a bit more interesting than simply designing just a simple foam weapon. Not only can you craft double-edged weaponry (like a sword with an axe on the back end of it), but all of the parts are also interchangeable. So, ideally, you could have an arsenal of options right at your fingertips to change things up. Going LARPing as a dwarf? An axe would come in handy. Going out as a knight? A sword is probably the more appropriate choice. With Change Blade, you can have any number of blades, hilts, and pommels at your disposal, allowing you to go from a sword to a double blade in seconds.

What’s more, each blade is crafted using a high-density polyurethane foam that’s impact resistant but still flexible and safe. Each part of the weapon uses a screw-in mechanism to attach, with each piece having an internal thread for the screw.

It’s certainly a cool concept, and if the interest is there, Change Blade is going to add more designs down the road. If you’re interested in crafting your own weapons for play warfare, check out Change Blade on Kickstarter. One Custom Blade is available for an early bird backer price of $45, with all blades, hilts, and pommels being available for individual purchase in the future.

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