Zombie LittleLazies

littlelazies zombies

With Funko Pop basically owning the cutesy-cool toy figures market, it’s great to see something new come along, and these, called LittleLazies, definitely deserve the spotlight. They’re handmade from polymer clay, and although they’re not intended as toys, they’ll make a great addition to your shelf.

The designs are randomly generated by the seller, and they range from monsters to devils to zombies (you can specify which type you want). There are even cool steampunk editions that caught our eye. The LittleLazies stand between 2-3″ tall. Each comes with an Adoption Card that lists its name, as well as its Likes and Dislikes. So, if you’re looking for cutesy zombie toys or monsters to add to your toy shelf or office desk, might we suggest these beautiful creations.

Price: $20.00

Buy it here.

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