Our Dream Loot Crate Theme: Strange

Dream loot crateWhat would your dream Loot Crate be? It’s a question that’s always talked about in nerd circles because, obviously, not every Loot Crate box can appeal to every single subscriber every month. Everyone has their own tastes, and that’s part of what makes our nerdy hobbies so interesting. So, what franchises would you include, and what sort of items would you include from each franchise if you were to create your very own dream crate?

We are tasked with designing our own dream Crate, and we’ve taken a look at the Loot Crates of the past to see what has been done already — seemingly everything. But there’s one unique  theme that we came up with that appeals to our soul: Strange. So many popular franchises over the past few years have capitalized on the weird and the unknown, so we have no shortage of options for franchises to include. But, immediately, we jump to Stranger Things, our favorite new TV series of the year, Doctor Strange, Marvel’s hero with his movie debut on the way, and Life is Strange, which contains one of the best stories that video games has to offer. Then, we filled in the holes with slightly older franchises, including one of the original Xbox’s best, Oddworld: Strangers Wrath, and Hugo Strange, one of the main villains in Batman: Arkham City who originated in DC’s Detective Comics in the 1940s.

Here are the items our dream Crate would include:

1. Strange Things ‘Mouth Breather’ T-Shirt

Stranger Things t-shirt

Unfortunately, there isn’t much along the lines of Stranger Things merchandise just yet. While we’ve seen some incredible Stranger Things Funko Pop designs from the company, they have yet to officially announce any (although, we’re fully expecting them). But what is available right now for those who love Netflix’s newest original series is a slew of t-shirts and stickers via RedBubble. Our choice? This Strange Things tee that includes an image of Eleven with the words “Mouth Breather”

Buy the tee here.

2. Doctor Strange SDCC Exclusive Funko

Doctor Strange funko

It wouldn’t be a proper Loot Crate box without some sort of toy included, and this Doctor Strange Funko Toy makes for the perfect addition to your collection of all things strange. With the upcoming Doctor Strange movie coming soon, it’s likely we’ll see his popularity skyrocket.

Buy the Doctor Strange SDCC Exclusive Funko here.

3. Life is Strange Mug

Life is Strange mug

There’s no denying the greatness behind the story of Dontnod’s Life is Strange, which is one of the the most universally loved video games of the past five years. The episodic adventure is generally praised for its character development and time travel component, with many calling it one of the best interactive stories of our generation. We couldn’t agree more, which is why we’ve included it in our dream Loot Crate box.

Buy the Life is Strange Mug here.

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4. Strange Vol. 1 (J. Michael Straczynski)

Strange Vol 1

Marvel’s Strange Vol. 1 is a collection of Doctor Strange comics that retells everyone’s favorite Marvel sorcerer. It’s written by J. Michael Stracynzski and drawn by Brandon Peterson, and it’s an interesting take on the Doctor Strange origin story.

Buy Strange Vol. 1 here.

5. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Silk Print Poster:


There’s nothing quite as delightfully weird as the Oddworld franchise, and one of its best games is 2005’s Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, the highly-rated and critically acclaimed action-adventure game. It was recently re-released with an HD version on Steam and smartphones, bringing back memories of the strange joy we feel when playing the franchise.

Buy Oddword Stranger’s Wrath Silk Print Poster here.

6. Batman Arkham: Hugo Strange Prop ID Badge

Dream loot CrateProfessor Hugo Strange is a well-known villain in the Batman universe, and he recently grew in popularity with his appearance in Batman: Arkham City as one of the main villains in the story. Of course, without the Hugo Strange Prop ID Badge, we wouldn’t have been able to even complete the game. In the comics, Strange’s outside-of-the-box experiments have resulted in some of the ugliest monstrosities in comic books, called mindless “Monster Men”.

Buy the Hugo Strange Prop ID Badge here.

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